Why I chose to write “The Composer and The Flycatcher” in poetry prose?

About my upcoming title “The Composer and The Flycatcher”…

God knows I tried to write my fantasy tale using the “normal”, established, narration style according to what I learned at school and my experience as a reader.. I love to read, I read every single day and I have lots of books at home, in my room.  My favorite author is Paulo Coelho and my all time favorite book is “The Alchemist”…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Alchemist_(novel) (Please read the link)

So, 4 years ago, when I decided  my “This is it” time to write “The Composer and The Flycatcher”… I was so excited with this new adventure.   There I was writing and deleting, but feeling myself I was going nowhere.  “I have the idea, but the narration is not working for me!” – I used to say this to myself at nights before going to bed.

One day I woke up and I started to take notes in my journal.   “Why this is not working for me? Why I’m not happy with this? Is it my idea so bad that I cannot move forward?  Is this narration that I’am using is it really my own voice?  All writers have their own and unique voices.  The doubts were inside of me.  That’s when it came to me… “This not my voice!”

“What is it that I like the most when I read?” – I asked this to myself one day.  Of course I love fantasy fiction books. I also love  poetry, and song lyrics.    I wondered if I was able to use a little bit of each and apply them to the writing of my manuscript.   “I’m going to have fun with this.” – I smiled to myself.  “I have nothing to lose in here.”

I started writing, formating, giving structure to my manuscript.  My words were dancing and my characters coming alive!.  I was unstoppable from first day until the end of the first draft.   I was happy with my composition!  I’m so happy with my voice!

Please, stay in touch for more…


All the light, life, love, freedom from the heart and soul!

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