To be that “goose”!


Greetings, everyone!

When I found this picture on the internet I knew I had to share it with you here in my blog.
It’s so funny, but at the same time it gave me the freedom to think “I wish to be that “goose”! It seems he is the successful one, the soul of the party, the leader, and all the rest of the gooses are on their way to meet him! lol. He is the one who thought “outside the box” and he is enjoying his sucess. You can look at his big smile and how he is posing to the camera.
Let’s say this goose it’s that successful writer we all wish to be, ( yes, and I include myself since I’am a debut author about to get published late fall this year with my fantasy poetry prose tale “The Composer and The Flycatcher” ) and all those gooses are his readers.
This goose is J.k Rowling ,, Dan Brown, Stephen King, he represents all those famous bestseller authors that you enjoy to read, and now that you are writing, that you have decided this is what you wish to do with your life, that you are on your way to get published, that you experienced publishers’ manuscripts rejections – like they did- (if you haven’t experienced rejections yet – get ready – Then you finally found a publisher, and you signed the contract, and you are working with the editors, the cover artists, and you are coopeating, working with all the publisher’s team… Meanwhile, you are meeting fellow writers with years of experience, also people who are starting to write, you are paying attention to what book lovers are reading, you are thinking also about to join writer’s organizations, and you have the support of family and friends thanks to the social media (Facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Pinterest, Glooge+…) and there you are sharing, giving, “Promoting” yourself as a writer and your title…your title and you as one. And I say “Whoa!!! It’s a whole and long adventure in here! There is too much to do and to be done!” But in my experience I’m so happy for doing this, I’m grateful, and I’am opened myself to what’s next, for all the surprises that are on my way and also the challenges, because in any life’s situation to get to the top it’s not a piece of cake, it’s hard work from all people involved, patience, and to be “sure” this is what you really wish to do because at the moment of doubts you’re building walls in your way that are blocking you to get yourself to be “That Goose.” Yep, this one that’s smiling and telling you “Look at me, I did it… now it’s your turn!”


🙂 “All the light, life, love, and freedom from the heart and soul.” ❤

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