Your writing flavors – Experiencing your attitudes when you write.

1 WHITE CAT colored-cat-ice-cream

Greetings, everyone!

Yep, it’s such a cute picture the one with the kitty and that yummy sweet and cold ice… I feel myself mouthwatering now.. lol.
This gave me the idea to talk to you about us- Writers – and our writing attitude, which I’am taking the freedom to call it “Flavors”.

I wonder if you ever thought about this before. Writing it’s like food that we all writers taste when we write. It’s our attitude the one we are tasting -experiencing- when we are sharing our emotions through words in a love letter, or when we are narrating an important event in our lives, also when you write a fantasy tale, a novel, etc. Everything we write has its right moment to manifest itself from inside to take it outside of each one of us.

In my own experience, I always enjoy my sweet flavors. It’s when the inspiration arrives and I’m so happy that I write for hours and hours because I’am loving, enjoying, the piece I’am working on. It’s my sweet cotton candy, my vanilla ice cream, my cherry lollipop, my hot chocolate time.
But, what to do when my attitude is “Bitter”, “Sour”, or “Salty”? Sometimes I can even use these attitudes in my writings. I write fantasy poetry, I know exactly what I want. When I get the idea for a tale, I see it all in my mind, like a movie, and I write my synopsis, the biography of each one of my characters, and a list of possible chapters and its descriptions. It’s what I call “The Skeleton” of my tale.
So, if my attitude is bitter, I can jump right away to my villain and continue writing my piece. Directing this bitterness right into my character… but when sometimes I can’t do that, I just stop writing my piece and I open my personal journal. I ask myself “Why -in my ignorance – I’am letting the bitterness get into my heart?” “How this started?” “Who else is involved?” I write, I experience, and I let all that bitterness out…I find my answers in myself…It’s just me the one dealing with this moment. I also talk to my loved ones and friends (especially the ones involved in my present situation to get answers from them and writen them down too) Sometimes I listen to my favorite music, watch inspiring movies on tv, or videos in… it’s a treasure to search for me; reminders about all the blessings we have in life. I can go outside to walk…of course with paper and pen with me (no matter where I’am, what I’am doing…paper and pen are a must have) while I’am waiting for the inspiration to arrive again to continue enjoying my sweet flavors.


🙂 All the light, life, love, and freedom from the heart and soul. ❤

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