Figuring out the puzzle = You Are Not Alone.


Greetings, everyone!

I’ve been thinking a lot about these words:
“You Are Not Alone”
I know we are here doing always our best, even in our ignorance, to figure it out what is it that we really want to achieve in our existence. I bet sometimes you question yourself: What’s the purpose of my life? Why I’m here? I used to question these 2 big ones myself, for years. Then after lot of thinking and feeling, and experiencing, I know the answers are different and are the same ones, at the same time, for each one of us. Why it is different? You live your life in one country, one city, you speak a different language, you go out and search, discover. But, why it is the same? We all have the same goal: Live, Love, and Experience. But, what to live, to love, and to experience? oh yeah, another question… and there is only one word for an answer, and this one is “Choice”. That’s the beauty, the freedom… we always have a choice. But how to come up with this? Well, that’s something between you, your heart, your soul, your consciouness, because you can’t navigate the waves of the ocean without a map, well, even with a map you could get lost, lol, but it’s ok to get lost from time to time, you’ll get the chance to discover and experience more.
I’ve understood that once the choice is made it’s when you already have that beautiful picture in your mind, in your heart, but you gotta breake it all into pieces first, having them all together into a big puzzle, so you can be able to manifest it in your reality. Why to break your beautiful picture into pieces? Why to create a puzzle from an image already made it inside of yourself? Those pieces are all those necessary steps you need to make it come true.
So, there you are before your puzzle; holding those small and heavy pieces to deal with, but, oh no, surprise… you find out that you can’t do this by yourself. This is when you start to search people with knowledge, skills, experience that are going to aid you spiritually and physically to achieve your dream because they are going to feel connected with you and your dream will become theirs too. When you open yourself to life and love, without doubts and fears, when you are so sure about what’s that you really want, and you accept yourself for who you are, it’s when you transmit that energy into others.
You’ll see yourself, in a matter of time, working with your key people (I call them “Soul Connections”). Each one of them holding that piece of the puzzle to put it in its right place.

At the end: Each piece fits perfectly!
Here, I leave you with two examples:

In love:
“It takes two to dance the tango”

In work:
“It all started with a mouse” Walt Disney.


🙂 All the light, life, love, and freedom from the heart and soul. ❤

PS You Are Not Alone, My Friend! 🙂

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