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What’s your box of dreams fill with?


Greetings, everyone!
Have you heard about “the box of dreams”?
It’s that special box where you keep those objects that represent something important to you in your life, like:
– Pictures: those moments from the past.
– A wish to make it come true: that magazine’s article about Paris France. The place you wish to visit.
– Handwriting cards: With you favorite quotes for inspiration.
– Concert tickets: Finally your favorite band went to play to your town, so you and your friends had a blast dancing and singing that night.
– Those ‘jewels” of sucess: A pin from the company you work with. That silver pen with your name on it that your boss gave you in your birthday. Your first business card. The first bill you touched and decided to keep from your first paycheck. Your name tag.

It’s your own treasure chest to enjoy it at home. It’s that journal where the objects speak to you for themselves, the ones that makes you smile. It’s practically ‘your life” in there.

I have my own box for 15 years. It’s musical box with “Thinkerbell”. I love to open it from time to time and listen to “You Can Fly”. I bought it when I was working at Disney as a cultural representative from México in Walt Disney World Epcot Mexican Pavillion.
I have another box where I keep my notes with ideas, poetry and drawings. I have it under my bed.

For me, in my own way to perceive this activity is:
You’re practically taking your dreams “out of the box”… all of them when you hold them in your hands. When you feel them in your heart and soul, all that light and powerful emotions that are awaking in yourself, and you are experiencing in your life.

I gotta tell you something: You know it’s true, when you are enjoying something special in your life it’s a dream come true. So keep dreaming and doing anything you can to keep enjoying this amazing life that we have and that it worths every single breath of our existence, my friends.


🙂 All the light, life, love, and freedom from the heart and soul. ❤


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Poem to “Mr. Ignorance” and “Mr. Knowledge” as characters.


Greetings, everyone! 🙂

I’m back to you today with a new poem.
This one is about “The Ignorance” and “The Knowledge”, but here you have me transforming them into characters, ghosts.
One is the shadow that is always haunting, and the other is the light that is always embracing.

So, you can take this poem of mine like it was a short tale that I’am taking the freedom to share with you today.

Mr. Ignorance
Mr. Knowledge.
By Diana Arco.

Here you are both of you
Floating invisible right by my side,
Like two ghosts fighting against each other.
One of you haunts me without mercy,
The other embraces me with all the light of the world.

Here you are both of you.
Since I go to bed at nights
When I wake up in the morning
And between time.
You are waiting for the right moment to act.

Mr. Ignorance,
That’s your name.
You are just using all that you can
To make me fall into your cloak and dagger hands.
I just can’t avoid your mysterious ways.

Mr. Knowledge,
That’s your name.
You are my perfect and well dressed heroe,
The one embracing me with encourage eager,
Taking me to the truth in my existence.

So I can see… This is the eternal battle
Between two powerful enemies.
Mr. Ignorance is not a bliss for me.
Mr. Knowledge is the one my heart is beating for
To win the situation when the time is here.

But, they can’t deny one truth.
They are those eternal friends
Depending one on the another.
Without ignorance there will not be any knowledge.
How could I solve each puzzle?

So, I thank you both of you,
My dear gentlemen.
I owe you my tears and my smiles.
You both affect directly into my heart and soul
Every time I got myself into a new phase in my life.


🙂 All the light, life, love, and freedom from the heart and soul. ❤

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