What Is Love?

Greetings, everyone!
I’m here to share with you a poem that I wrote about love.

So, here it goes…

What Is Love?

Heart Ink

Life it’s such an amazing journey
Especially when you are aware about love.
“But, what’s love? “ – Someone is asking this same question
Over and over again.
Hmmm…It could be you, perhaps.
“Love is the one you can only feel with your heart
And touch with your soul.” – Someone took the stand
With freedom to give an answer.
“Love is all the beauty that is inside of us, and around.” – There you go,
Here was another brave one.
“Love is that firefly that you see it so tiny,
But that’s only a perception,
Because even a tiny light can lighten up
An endless universe.” – Oh my, we have a poet in here.
“Love is God in all his artistic and inventive expressions.
He was an architect when he created our world.
He was a painter when he invented the rainbow to paint it all.
He was a sculptor when he molded us,
He was a maker when he gave us life.
He is the father who loves us unconditionally in our lives
And even beyond that.
God is still creating and giving with open arms.”
So you can give to love all the meanings you can think of and find,
Those are going to be just right
When you are experiencing them with all your might.
But please trust me in what I ‘am about to say:
“You don’t need to know all love’s definitions
When you are love as simple as it is,
Without complications in all life’s perceptions and dimensions.”

Now, just to give a proper close.
Love it’s not complicated since it is perfection,
We are the ones that make it difficult because our ignorance,
But just like I have experienced before…
We all here to learn.


“All the Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”


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