My Winter’s Poem About Writing

white owl and quill

Just a few days before Christmas,
I let my heart and soul
To wonder once more.
I know I do this very often.
oh, blessed me.
I can give myself this joy.

I feel it and I write it down;
I may use it some day,
Or maybe not.
Who knows, but me,
While I’am making a dream come true
With every word that comes out from my own source.

I do not seek perfection
When that comes naturally.
Every single thought that arise from the soul,
And with a strong will,
Cannot ask for more
When it is already what it should be.

So, I’am here now,
Writing this message to you.
Don’t fear your words,
Even those that don’t need to be spoken,
While life opens its signs
For your own knowledge.


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”


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