Poem: Is this universe inside the palm of the hand really mine?

universe in hand

Is this universe inside the palm of the hand really mine?
It is cause’ I feel its power running through my being.
And it took me some time to understand
When I don’t get it all.
Then as long as I continue living
There is always something else.

It’s the unstoppable heart beating fast
It’s the divine soul I have trapped inside this body
It’s the thought I collect and other times I create
It’s the conjunction of everything and nothing at the same
It’s this huge love that let me see clear and blind me as well
It’s my life itself inside the life of someone else
It’s to believe you’re taking some rest
And hiding from the world, you find out
You can’t hide from yourself.

The mark of the urgent movement is aiming at you
It has been always the same since the creation of all living
Even to take a break and watch the sunset it’s a gift
And to get rid of the old ways giving the welcome to the news
Being faithful to your self’s truth.
Then the water is always running through your fingers
And you don’t have to see it.
It’s the love pouring wild and free.

I thought I was living my life in a dream
I thought I was awake and perceiving
All I know is I ‘am here inside this bubble
Of majestic wonders,
This stage that God had created for me
To participate and experience reality.

And let me say I don’t know how to act
This comes out naturally without any effort by my part.
When I choose to cry I let my tears fall down through my cheeks
When I choose to laugh I smile first
When I need to express myself I open my heart
Then my mouth to let my voice out.
And so on and on…
My verbal and no verbal communication is always exposed.

But then I see around
And there’s so much ignorance.
Or we mature together or not
Without losing the children we all have inside.
But then I see those dark clouds and the thunder lights in the sky
I’m sure god is not playing in that playground.
And what about the earthquakes, and destructions,
The tsunamis, nature earth’s disasters?

When are you going to understand we are all connected one to another?
If you are not happy, the earth is not happy.
And she gets angry because you’re also angry.
When are you going to understand we are one,
And there is enough cake for each one of us to take a piece and enjoy?
When are you going to understand we are love,
And we are already in paradise when you wave it goodbye
Instead of giving its proper welcome?

Life is in constant movement
And we are its target.
What you think you call it
Good and bad the perception arrives
Without invitation and she knows how to handle it well,
Only if you let her.

Love is your constant company
Even if you have it prisoner with your no expression.
Nothing would understand better
When love is free and takes you
To those places you’ve seen only in your imagination.

By Diana Arco

Heart on Fire

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”


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