Poetry Lover – Poem

Greetings, everyone!

Today’s post it’s a poem I wrote about one of my all time favorite topics… poetry, of course.

Happy Reading!

Poetry Lover
By Diana Arco.

Isn’t under any question
That I take the freedom to affirm
With all the power of my awareness.
I’am a poetry lover today
Like I was yesterday.

I really tried so hard
To love some other writing form,
I couldn’t find strength
To be unfaithful to my dear poetry,
The only one that makes my heart beat strong.

Of course I’am another avid reader,
I enjoy different types of expression,
But poetry is the one I write with my heart and soul.
That’s why I’am a poetry lover,
Faithful from hair to toes.

I praise as much as I like,
Proud and gentle,
And with truth in my words,
How my dear poetry is my baby,
Owner of my smile and thoughts.

I praise grateful
All those days and nights,
Full of inspirational adventures,
Where characters came alive
And the tale took shape.

I praise even with stubbornness
For all those negative factors,
Internal and external,
That came to haunt me to stop,
But they couldn’t made me fall into their dark ways.

I’am without any mistake:
A Poetry Lover, yes, me.
Embracing its lyrical presence,
Living its full adoration
Where my words freely dance.

I find sound and sense,
Unconditional love
And unchain imagination
In every single line of expression.
How amazing is this!

I even find my loved ones
When they send me their love
In their most loving poetry lines.
And I hold myself for a moment:
Now I know why they are part of my life.

So, there you have me,
This poetry lover,
Appreciating every single step of the road,
Every single obstacle, surprise, and joy.
Every word counts, of course, after all.

* Thank you so much for reading!*
“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”


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