When Love Knows – Poem

When Love knows
By Diana Arco.

From all the ways
Of showing affection,
There is one I take
As my own reflection.

From all the ways
Of saying “I Love You”,
There is one I breath
Deep into my soul.

Oh, please. Would you mind?
Don’t be too modest, my dearest one.
Love is the queen and king
That deserves all.

Best sunshines ever,
With all painted gifts in the picture.
A long walk under its magnificent sky,
Setting our hearts free when the wind blows.

Best moonlight serenates
As we, the spectators and participants
Of nightly creations
Are able to enjoy.

There isn’t the right moment,
It’s only when it happens.
And the welcome is inevitable
For two beating hearts.

There isn’t a dream,
Even a dream out of reach,
When your love knows
Exactly what it wants.

For we are what’s in the present,
The within and the above,
For we are aware of ourselves
For we are even more.

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

Love Eye Red

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