The Poet In Me – Poem


The Poet In Me
By Diana Arco.

It’s always the same,
No matter the time
When the inspiration arrives,
And I make from a white page
My favorite place to hangout.

I’am not difficult with myself,
Either demanding a great deal when I write.
I just open my heart and soul
And words start to born
Out from the universal vocabulary of love.

I make a request with all my might,
And I send a prayer to the universe
So words will never come dry,
But with loving spontaneously
Like a smile and a kiss free given.

Then my dear gift, so divine,
I never stop to admire,
When it only takes me a while
To Pour myself to you like the rain
Right into your life.

If I only write for myself
How boring would it be,
So how exciting it is
To reach you and give pieces
From my own reality and dreams.

So there is always this road
Taking each word to its final destination.
The poet in me is delivering
No matter the circumstances.
And I feel welcome.

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”



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