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Awaken – Poem

By Diana Arco

From all those awaken passions,
How many more remain asleep?
They are just waiting for me in silence
To ignite them in such powerful splendors,
Like those fireworks in the sky.
Spectacle to the eyes, thunders to the ears and hearts.

From all those awaken creations,
How many more remain undone?
They are just impatient for my imagination
To take action, to be in charge.
There are no limits and no mistakes,
Only my garden of joys to nurture and reap.

From all those awaken experiences,
How many more remain to live?
When every day is an opportunity
To explore and choose.
When every moment it’s a reminder:
“I’am alive… I’m not done.”

From all the awaken people
Aware about love.
How many others are
In ignorance in this world?
How amazing it is
To be true to the self… and nothing else.

And the “awaken” goes on and on,
And the “sleeping” ones goes hand by hand.
So today is good for everything
When you’re aware of one thing:
Life is now,
And you embrace it: “alive”


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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My Conversation With Mr. Albert Einstein -Poem

My Conversation With Mr. Albert Einstein.
By Diana Arco

Once upon a time
I went into an imaginary travel,
Back in time…
Then I saw a wise man in the park,
Seated on that wooden bench,
Under a huge and beautiful summer tree.

He was taking notes,
Asking to himself:
“Does cold exist?”
Then he said,
And sounded convinced,
“No, it doesn’t”

“Well, that’s so absurd,
My dear old man!”
I felt myself the need
To intervene loud and clear.
“Cold it’s very real to me!
Thank you very much, indeed!”

The man looked at me
With his tired brown eyes,
And said calm and easy
The following words:
“What you consider cold
It’s the absence of heat.”

“That’s very obvious”
I had to admit.
“Laws of physics!
That’s how it is.”
He answered shaking
His funny and messy white mustache at me.

Then he asked me curious:
“Would you like to know
If darkness exists too?”
He was waiting for my answer
While shaking with his hand
His already white and messy hair.

“What are you up to with this, My dear Sr?”
I had to ask this instead anything else.
But he didn’t say anything,
So I decided to follow him
And listen to him after saying:
“Please, I’ll like to know.”

“No, it doesn’t” He answered firm!
I opened my mouth in protest,
Remembering all those childhood nights,
Alone, in the dark,
And at the mercy of the terrible
And sinister boogie man.

“You’re such a lunatic!”
I shouted at him.
He just smiled and answered at my red face.
“Darkness is the absence of light.
We can only study the light,
Not the dark.”

“That’s so obvious.”
I had to admit, again.
“Well, you already know why.”
He made me smile at sudden…
“That physics’ thing, right?” I asked.
And he laughed at me victorious.

Then I sat next to him,
And since he was talking about
Cold and darkness,
I couldn’t hold myself
To ask him:
“Does evil exist too?”

He looked at me
With a tender smile,
And his tired brown eyes.
Then he said out and clear:
“Please don’t yell at me now;
But evil doesn’t exist either.”

I had to stand up,
And I started to walk away,
But then I got back
To my own steps, back to him:
“You better have
Another logical explanation about this!”

The wise man took a deep breath,
He looked right into my eyes,
And he spoke to me
What I felt true in my heart:
“Evil is like darkness and cold.
God didn’t create evil at all.”

“Evil is the result
Of what happens
When man does not have God’s love
Present in his heart.”
Then he sighed, got up,
And said “It’s time to farewell now.”

“But, where are you going?”
I had to ask.
He turned himself to look at me,
And there was peace
In every wrinkle of his face:
“I’m going home to rest.”

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”
Albert Einstein Laughing

Poem written inspired by Albert Einstein’s Quote.

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Dr. Heart – Poem

Dr. Heart
By Diana Arco

Once upon a time…
I was blessed to receive the visit
From one particular character.
I thought not to answer
That banging at my door,
But I chose brave
To let my curiosity scream: “I won!”

So there I was,
Having tea
And eating pastries
With my new friend:
Dr. Heart.
So, as sweet and calm as we could be,
We started to talk.

Dr. Heart asked me:
“What are you doing with your life?”
And I just answered my truth,
Of course,
The one I had at that time:
“I’m just living my days
As they arrive.”

Dr. Heart gave me a smile
And asked me again:
“What are you doing with your life?”
Then I didn’t know what to say,
But to question back instead:
“What do you advise me to do then?”
I kinda feel lost in here.

The good Dr. Heart,
Proud of the mission
That freely took on my behalf,
Told me as simple as it is:
“Love… And once you have loved,
Love once more,
For love is the absolutely truth from all.”

I rolled my eyes
To the back of my head.
I was feeling such despair:
“Oh please!
Give me a break!
How many times I’ve been broken
Because of this?”

Dr. Heart gave me a hug
And told me nicely
But firm.
“Love yourself first,
Starting today,
Because you’re love.
And this is what you’ll always be.”

I felt a burning energy in my eyes.
Dr. Heart seemed to know me right.
“Of course I love myself!”
I had to shout.
“Who authorized you
To talk to me like that?”
I’ve exploded fiercely hurt.

Dr. Heart held my hands gently.
“You don’t have to lie to me,
Since I’am your own heart speaking.
Love is the absolutely truth,
As true as all universe.
Wake up now and spread the word.
Love is everything and beyong.”

Then it hit me right to my soul.
So I embraced my dear Dr. Heart, so close,
And since that day
I never let go of my love,
My gratitude, my faith,
My light, my whole.
I’ve been experiencing and learning a lot.

But what happens when the ego arrives?
My Dr. Heart shows up
And since love is awake in me,
I’am never alone.
“When love unites – Ego separates”
So I never forget who I’am today,
Even in mistakes, I rise like a phoenix again.


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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Meet Me – Poem

Meet Me
By Diana Arco

Meet me
In your beautiful dreams.
We can build
Our finest fantasies ever.
Let us enjoy ourselves in paradise fever.

Meet me
Even in your nightmares.
Let me rescue you
And put you out from the darkness.
I will always find you, my darling.

Meet me
In your favorite song,
It doesn’t matter its length.
Let it be the one that makes you jump
And dance free like the wind.

Meet me
In your silence.
There are moments where words
Are not in need to be born.
Let us be aware of ourselves in each other’s arms.

Meet me
In your favorite fairy tale.
The one that brings to your soul
Your happiest childhood memories.
Let me be your main character.

Meet me
In your present.
Whatever that time might be,
Wherever we see each other,
It will always be our today’s free will.

Meet me
Promise we’ll never let ourselves to fall apart.
So we hold on together with truth and respect.
So aware we are love here and then.


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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The Dancing King – Poem

The Dancing King
By Diana Arco

Blessed are the eyes
That can really see,
And joyful the ears
That are listening.
For where others live in ignorance,
Many of us are alive,
And in freedom.

An invitation was send
For everyone to attend,
So we get together in one place
Where we always find him.
At nights,
And under the moon,
One king is dancing.

And he dances his love up,
His hopes and dreams,
And he dances his courage,
His heart and soul.
He gives himself for hours
In every music beat he performs.
This is his commmitment with us.

And he dances his angers
And frustrations,
He dances his past
And present.
He is delivering a powerful message
Where every step is not an accident
But a total manifestation.

In answer we applaud his gifts,
All his efforts,
So we encourage him to continue.
Then and after all those ups and downs,
With him we feel related.
Since we are in this adventure together
Where love is what really matters.

Man and Moon

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul”

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Love Have Always Existed – Poem

Love have always existed
By Diana Arco

Under and above,
All that is starting,
What’s in between
And ending in my life.
I receive with gladness
The welcome warmness of the sun,
And the moon’s blanket at nights
Protecting my dreams,
While in me there is love
To experience and give.

I hold myself tight,
And gentle I let myself fall
Over my soft bed of thoughts
And feelings I adore.
No restrictions
No regrets
No chains.
I’am aware of my ignorance,
Also of what I learn.
It’s how it works, you already know.

Then in the developing
Of my days and nights,
I’ve been the wind
And that lonely rock.
Now I’am loving freely
And loved in return.
So how amazing it is to close my time
To those who only wasted my life,
For love have always existed
When love wasn’t anywhere to be found.

Heart Shaped Eye

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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Neverending – Poem

By Diana Arco

Wondering about:
Who are you?
What your eyes have seen?
Where have you been?
What have you done?
What are you doing?
Makes me say with love:
“I will never have enough
Of your life and you.”

A neverending
“I haven’t finished with you yet”
It’s beating inside of my heart,
And my soul sparkles excited
After your amazing but simple
Human being I have found.
“How to end a gift like you?” I ask.
“Not in a life time,
I just can’t think about that.”

So I close my eyes for one moment
And I travel through all what you tell me.
The turns, and ups,
The downs, and stops.
So every single day
It’s a new title
The one I embrace.
And with these ears of love
I proclaim: “I’am listening to you today.”

Tell me the truth
For it is the one that will set you free.
Tell me a lie
For it is the one it will make me doubt and bleed.
Tell me a quote
Your favorite one from all.
Read me a poem
The one you wrote with your heart
And means your world.

It’s your life the one I found,
The one I cherish and admire.
You, the one who speaks out loud
And stays in silence ways
I never though about.
You, the one I open my heart
And pour my soul to.
“I’am alive today and grateful for loving you.”

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

neverending love

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Where A Dream Came True – Poem.

Where A Dream Came True
By Diana Arco.

There is an answer
To every single question.
But, when you are going to receive it…
Oh! That’s a total mystery.

So you better be ready
With all your heart and soul,
For when it arrives at home
You’re packed up with your luggage to go.

Meanwhile you’re full of expectations,
Dreams and wishes within yourself,
And you look yourself at the mirror of your wall…
“You deserve the best, you know.”

And a day goes by, then two, three, and four,
But the emotion is still in your life
While waiting is eating you alive
With anxiously attention tied up within your mind.

And then, one shiny afternoon,
You go outside your door to enjoy the sun,
And there you find yourself opening that envelope
With uncontrollable shaking hands.

What a gift! There is a smile in your face.
It’s time for you to go to your adventure
Now that someone is waiting for you to give you the welcome.
And you’re pleased on your way where a dream came true for you… Today.

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

A Door

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