Love Have Always Existed – Poem

Love have always existed
By Diana Arco

Under and above,
All that is starting,
What’s in between
And ending in my life.
I receive with gladness
The welcome warmness of the sun,
And the moon’s blanket at nights
Protecting my dreams,
While in me there is love
To experience and give.

I hold myself tight,
And gentle I let myself fall
Over my soft bed of thoughts
And feelings I adore.
No restrictions
No regrets
No chains.
I’am aware of my ignorance,
Also of what I learn.
It’s how it works, you already know.

Then in the developing
Of my days and nights,
I’ve been the wind
And that lonely rock.
Now I’am loving freely
And loved in return.
So how amazing it is to close my time
To those who only wasted my life,
For love have always existed
When love wasn’t anywhere to be found.

Heart Shaped Eye

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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