The Dancing King – Poem

The Dancing King
By Diana Arco

Blessed are the eyes
That can really see,
And joyful the ears
That are listening.
For where others live in ignorance,
Many of us are alive,
And in freedom.

An invitation was send
For everyone to attend,
So we get together in one place
Where we always find him.
At nights,
And under the moon,
One king is dancing.

And he dances his love up,
His hopes and dreams,
And he dances his courage,
His heart and soul.
He gives himself for hours
In every music beat he performs.
This is his commmitment with us.

And he dances his angers
And frustrations,
He dances his past
And present.
He is delivering a powerful message
Where every step is not an accident
But a total manifestation.

In answer we applaud his gifts,
All his efforts,
So we encourage him to continue.
Then and after all those ups and downs,
With him we feel related.
Since we are in this adventure together
Where love is what really matters.

Man and Moon

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul”

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