Dr. Heart – Poem

Dr. Heart
By Diana Arco

Once upon a time…
I was blessed to receive the visit
From one particular character.
I thought not to answer
That banging at my door,
But I chose brave
To let my curiosity scream: “I won!”

So there I was,
Having tea
And eating pastries
With my new friend:
Dr. Heart.
So, as sweet and calm as we could be,
We started to talk.

Dr. Heart asked me:
“What are you doing with your life?”
And I just answered my truth,
Of course,
The one I had at that time:
“I’m just living my days
As they arrive.”

Dr. Heart gave me a smile
And asked me again:
“What are you doing with your life?”
Then I didn’t know what to say,
But to question back instead:
“What do you advise me to do then?”
I kinda feel lost in here.

The good Dr. Heart,
Proud of the mission
That freely took on my behalf,
Told me as simple as it is:
“Love… And once you have loved,
Love once more,
For love is the absolutely truth from all.”

I rolled my eyes
To the back of my head.
I was feeling such despair:
“Oh please!
Give me a break!
How many times I’ve been broken
Because of this?”

Dr. Heart gave me a hug
And told me nicely
But firm.
“Love yourself first,
Starting today,
Because you’re love.
And this is what you’ll always be.”

I felt a burning energy in my eyes.
Dr. Heart seemed to know me right.
“Of course I love myself!”
I had to shout.
“Who authorized you
To talk to me like that?”
I’ve exploded fiercely hurt.

Dr. Heart held my hands gently.
“You don’t have to lie to me,
Since I’am your own heart speaking.
Love is the absolutely truth,
As true as all universe.
Wake up now and spread the word.
Love is everything and beyong.”

Then it hit me right to my soul.
So I embraced my dear Dr. Heart, so close,
And since that day
I never let go of my love,
My gratitude, my faith,
My light, my whole.
I’ve been experiencing and learning a lot.

But what happens when the ego arrives?
My Dr. Heart shows up
And since love is awake in me,
I’am never alone.
“When love unites – Ego separates”
So I never forget who I’am today,
Even in mistakes, I rise like a phoenix again.


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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