Words “The Plea” – Poem

Words “The Plea”
By Diana Arco

And here is the amazement,
Also the concern:
Words from the poet,
The author, the writer…
All those places
Where everyone
And everything
To a destiny arrives.

So all those moments of joy,
Where we celebrate love
In poetry,
Lyrics, and songs.
So all the feelings
From the hearts and souls
Finds a place
To call home.

Then for such precious moments
We have peace
With the ones we love,
And we respect each other
Sharing ourselves
In a blessed conjunction…
In our embrace
We rest an awaken smile.

But what about that writer
That only spread lies?
Oh, ignorant intersection,
Prisoner of darken roads.
You dare to twist words
To your own convenience,
And like an ocean of misery,
You take the ones who heard.

Manipulative of texts
Where rivers of sadness flow,
And thunders created
By human hands
Explode in chaos
Contaminating the gifts
That were trusted to us
From the beginning of all times.

Then this plea:
Poet, writer, author:
Take action
And share love
No violence.
Share knowledge
No ignorance.
We all write alfter all…

Font Faces Man Woman

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul”


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