A Message Of Love – Poem

A Message Of Love
By Diana Arco

Light from all the corners of the universe
To join your path.
Even in blindness
And your falling
Deep into the mud,
You must get up and go on now.

There are shadows along the way,
Their voices don’t do well.
They seem friendly under disguise,
While their poison taste sweet at the beginning,
Burns in its way down to your throat.
And you experience such a pain like never before.

Then you’re in ignorance…
But you remember your gifts:
“Your heart and soul are wise indeed,
When you really listen to their music within.”
And you heal yourself completely,
Kicking those dark shadows away from your existence.

Then you learn,
Over again after your falls…
Once, twice, and more.
Then you go and back,
But whatever you do
You never forget who you really are.

So, this is a message of love,
Please listen today:
No one is perfect
Everyone is original
Cause’ we are love…
We are one.

Envelope Heart

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”


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