Eternal Battle – Poem

Eternal Battle
By Diana Arco

There is an eternal battle
That started since ancient times.
It’s this never ending balance
To weight from a little feather,
To the whole universe itself.

Numbers are flying infinite,
Time never waits for anyone.
So to do what must be done
In the present, and no where else.

Love is the conqueror,
Keeper of all good and beauty,
Gratefulness from the heart.
Oh, shiny sun and pleasant wind,
Always feeding the hunger in need
Of something truth in their lives.

Ego is the villain,
The one that wins in disguise.
The ones falling in its trap
Enjoys a treasure for a while,
But later are devoured within their souls,
Cause’ the root of all evil
Lies deep in its house.

Then love, the great hero,
Is at the rescue
When a call is answered
With a sincere humbled lesson:
“Waking up after the fall.
Embracing what’s real
And letting go what’s not.”

Face Painted

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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