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Within The Poem Within The Poet – Poem

Within the poem
Within the poet
By Diana Arco

Within the poem
It’s a life of journeys,
Love awareness
In joys, and gratefulness.

Within the poem
The moon and sun
Will always shine,
For sure
They will never let us down.
Or preference the storm
With its thunders,
Rains, and windy noises at once.

Within the poem
It’s the truth.
Those emotions
Turned into words
So then the most humbled tool
Has found its own path
To the heart and soul.

Within the poem
It’s a labyrinth
Of freedom,
For no matter
How many blocked entrances,
The poem itself finds its way out.
Love, it’s the answer.

And at the beginning
As at the end,
Within the poet
Is everything,
And ending
Always with yourself.

Within Yourself

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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My Home Is You – Poem

My Home Is You
By Diana Arco

There’s the structure
For it’s its own body,
Where inside the center
A heart is beating
And a soul is shining.

Owner of such subtle
And mysterious wonders,
Those never stop surprising me.
But I’m also reading with my love
The words written on your walls,
And waiting patiently
For what’s coming.

So, my home is you.
I sigh gratefully
Every time you welcome me,
For in a noisy silence
I find your real.

I close my eyes,
And in a dreaming of you,
I wonder
About the steps
Of your own life,
Your precious one
I hold within mine
Were two places
In love become one.

Home is you

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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It’s The Truth – Poem

It’s The Truth
By Diana Arco

With freedom
I can happily express
Not only my gratitude
But my love first,
For it’s the truth
What the heart
And soul holds within
While in ignorance
Many lips don’t speak.

It’s not being brave
And go right there
Where the truth lays firm,
For the truth is always sure,
So your steps
Before you make a dream come true
Cause’ a nightmare can take its place
When you misunderstand truth
With a careless act of despair.

Then today,
When you’re here,
You take a moment for yourself
To meditate in freedom,
Holding the truth
You’re aware of its existence
You reach all your being.
And for a moment of light
With your love speaking out loud,
You know what to do
For it is what makes you smile
Not to run, ignorant, into your own downfall..

Seek The Truth

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul”

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The Doors From The Past, Present, And Future – Poem/Tale

The Doors From
The Past, Present,
And Future.
By Diana Arco

I’am an investigator
Of my own life’s truths,
And it goes at it is
When a home called “Past”
Another called “Present”
And the “future”
Open their books.

So before the door of my past
I’am knocking many times,
Then in silence I stand
Waiting for a reply.
I’am greeted
By an ancient voice
“This is what it was”
And my heart and soul
Are in freedom
For there are only pictures
Of the old me.
And by my memories
I laugh, I cry, I dream,
But nothing more
For frozen they’ll always be.
The past cannot meet me
For a challenge to change.
So I accept with peace
All what’s been.

Now I’am knocking at the door
That leads to my future,
And that opens by itself
To find out its owner,
The fog, that hides what I cannot see
For there’s nothing in here.
Oh, I feel so cold at sudden.
Then it’s warming fast,
It’s raining,
It’s stormy… snowing…
And I realize
In freedom I stand
Watching my hands
I’am here to create,
To give shape,
To live, to share.
And I walk away from a place
That’s not ready for me yet.

Then I reach at my present’s door,
And I read a sign
Hanging from its knob:
“Today is yours”
I don’t have to knock
For it’s not locked from my presence.
And to my admiration
I find an empty room
And a large mirror
Where I see my own reflection.
“Today is myself”

3 Doors

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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Love Never Felt So Good – Poem

Love Never Felt So Good
By Diana Arco

Love doesn’t need to know
For its own knowledge
It’s beyond.

Love does need
To feel itself alive
For there is no secret
At all to hide.

Love never gets tired,
Without rest
Doesn’t even know
What’s time and space.

Love is the way,
The door to get in
And get out
From and to

Love it’s no a puzzle
For its beauty
It’s present
Every single day
To appreciate.

Love never felt so good,
I bet you’re agree with me
Because of this and more
In heart beat, of course,
We wake up and dream.

Keep Calm LNFSG

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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The Protagonist – Poem

The Protagonist
By Diana Arco

In a place
Crowded with voices,
I become deaf
Eyes closed,
For they talk
At the same time.

It’s so easy
For them to say:
“I know him for years.”
“I know the truth about him.”
Many listen
And believe.

And I wonder:
“What they’re doing in here?
It’s attention what they seek?”
Whatever are the reasons
For these created confusions.
Inside I scream a despair
For all this absurd ignorance.

In my heart I ask:
“Who to believe?
Who to trust?”
And I know the answer:
“The firefly must shine.”

The protagonist
Of this life,
Would you please stand up?
For no one else
Will speak better than yourself,
For it’s your life
The one they’re talking about.

For the tired
Of injustice
The voice of the truth
Prevails always above others…
And yours,
To never leave it behind.

Man on Fire

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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My Lullaby – Poem

My Lullaby
By Diana Arco

There is the lullaby
That entered into my life.
Before I sent a prayer
Up to the sky
Asking for this miracle to arrive.
I opened the door of my house,
And my search for its melody was a must.

So we found each other
In one moment of knowledge.
But this sweet song
Took its time
To accept my gift,
For it’s not just a matter of choice
When the song is a blessed heart and a wise soul.

Oh, lullaby of mine,
How grateful I’am with you .
You make me smile,
You make my own heart beat fast,
And my soul to shine even more
Cause’ in a wonderful dream I awake alive.

And no matter the weather,
And the obstacles from the past and the present,
My lullaby is singing
And I listen with all my love
For I ‘am inspiration
And the lullaby my all.


‘All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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