The Protagonist – Poem

The Protagonist
By Diana Arco

In a place
Crowded with voices,
I become deaf
Eyes closed,
For they talk
At the same time.

It’s so easy
For them to say:
“I know him for years.”
“I know the truth about him.”
Many listen
And believe.

And I wonder:
“What they’re doing in here?
It’s attention what they seek?”
Whatever are the reasons
For these created confusions.
Inside I scream a despair
For all this absurd ignorance.

In my heart I ask:
“Who to believe?
Who to trust?”
And I know the answer:
“The firefly must shine.”

The protagonist
Of this life,
Would you please stand up?
For no one else
Will speak better than yourself,
For it’s your life
The one they’re talking about.

For the tired
Of injustice
The voice of the truth
Prevails always above others…
And yours,
To never leave it behind.

Man on Fire

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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