It’s The Truth – Poem

It’s The Truth
By Diana Arco

With freedom
I can happily express
Not only my gratitude
But my love first,
For it’s the truth
What the heart
And soul holds within
While in ignorance
Many lips don’t speak.

It’s not being brave
And go right there
Where the truth lays firm,
For the truth is always sure,
So your steps
Before you make a dream come true
Cause’ a nightmare can take its place
When you misunderstand truth
With a careless act of despair.

Then today,
When you’re here,
You take a moment for yourself
To meditate in freedom,
Holding the truth
You’re aware of its existence
You reach all your being.
And for a moment of light
With your love speaking out loud,
You know what to do
For it is what makes you smile
Not to run, ignorant, into your own downfall..

Seek The Truth

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul”


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