Walk With Me – Poem

Walk With Me
By Diana Arco

The sky is witness
When the wind is blowing
Behind our backs.

And there is the path
Before us.
We walk and we run
While time is moving
Along with us.

Then, we can’t stop,
We just need
To keep moving forward
For life is amazing,
Embracing us stronger.

Walk with me,
Never let go my hand
For love does it exist
With truth and respect.

Walk with me,
We found each other,
We have a purpose.
We’ve been
Through many experiences.
We found ourselves
To be survivors in our land.

Walk with me,
With our hearts and souls
For those moments we’re having
For the wonder of our road
And where there is always
A blessing in us.

The Path

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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One response to “Walk With Me – Poem

  1. directorb

    Great poem!


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