Messenger Of Love – Poem

Messenger Of Love
By Diana Arco

I knock at your door
For days and nights.
You always give me access,
And under your roof,
How grateful I’am
For your sincere hospitality.

I’am only a messenger
In need of your shelter,
The one that is hunger
For your attention,
To share with you
My own life’s experiences,
To give you my love,
Oh See, that for you I’am caring.

I’m just your messenger of love, baby.
For love is what I feel
For your heart, your soul,
All your being.
My only one,
The one that God
Gave me the blessing
To put in my path.

And I know you’re wise,
You’re so aware about life,
But yours truly messenger in love
Brings you also hope,
A reminder of what you already know
For I have experienced
We all need to listen
From someone else
What in our hearts and souls
We need to confirm…
The truth.

And I’am your messenger of love,
My dearest one,
The one that I adore in my life.
I thank you for let me be
Right here with you.
Your love makes me happy,
You’re my dream came true.
And I’am so proud to tell you,
You’re my messenger of love too.

Messenger of love 2

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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