Oh, Realize – Poem

Oh, Realize
By Diana Arco

And, oh, realize.
What’s here?
What’s beyond?
What stays?
What’s left behind?

And, hear me today,
Oh, realize.
Just the chance
The change
The new
Beating up the old
That’s already gone,
And you still embrace
As the present.
Oh! No!

But, pay attention,
Oh, realize,
What I’am telling you
It’s absolutely the true.
I’m not here to convince you,
I have the invitation
And I’am handing it over to you.

Just, take note,
And decide,
Give a good use
Of your heart and soul
Screaming inside.
Oh, please realize,
It’s your own life.

Life live love

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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