To Let Me Know The Truth – Poem

To let me know the truth
By Diana Arco

I took the freedom to think
And wondering over
The waves of my emotions.
Oh, my existence in constant developing,
And the land of my dreams.
I see them both in my every time in need,
So I pay a visit where I’am today
And where I wish to be.

And then, those voices
Inside and outside my head.
Oh, those terrible ones
Appears to haunt me down,
Trying to sow the seeds of doubt.
Oh, those voices,
And their lack of love.

Then, I’am my own hero
For all times
I close my heart to negativity,
I choose love above all things,
I embrace hope with respect and dignity.
I stand strong after the living joy of mine,
Who has a heart and a soul,
Who is alive and bears a name,
Breathing the time
To send me the gift of love.

Yes, I only have my joy,
My beloved dear of mine,
To let me know the truth.
Oh, voices, you can do your stuff
For my love in shining armor arrives
With a huge heart and a burning soul
In poetry, quotes, music, and dance.
In our communication
We both are blessed to have.
So then, I take a curtsy
Towards all the ignorant ones
That they supposedly speak out loud.

Shining armorjpg

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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