Little Mischievous Cloud – Poem, tale.

Little Mischievous Cloud
By Diana Arco

I wake up in the morning
And through the window
The light of the sun
My face is touching,
And still feeling sleepy
I spot it again,
That little cloud
Fooling around up there.

Happy and free
I’ve noticed the little one
Playing joyfully with the wind.
Lovely gentle from the sky
You make me smile.
You’re giving me a moment
Of piece right here in my life.

Then latter in the afternoon,
After having lunch,
I look up to the sky one more time
And I can’t find
What my eyes are looking for,
From all the clouds in the sky,
My dearest one is missing.

Little mischievous cloud,
Where are you at?
Maybe chasing the sun
After doing the same
With the flighty moon
Last night.

Little mischievous cloud,
Loving from beyond.
Where are you at?
You cannot speak
But I’ve been able to learn
To love you like that
For love always find the way
When love holds your heart.

And then,
My little mischievous cloud appears,
Letting me know I’ve been listened.
Promising me to never leave me
For the love between us is strong
No matter that for the moment
We cannot hug.

So you can’t temper me mad,
You, sunny side up…
The one who steals
A ray of wisdom
Every morning
To share it with me.
You, moon’s light knight…
The one who steals
A star every night
To give it to me.

Cloud Heart

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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