The Big Celebration – Poem

The Big Celebration
By Diana Arco

I give my respects
And sincere honesty
To the light, life, love, and freedom
For every single day
It’s a blessing
From The heart and soul.

As I see our existence
As such big celebration
That invites us all
To our manifestations
Witnessed by our
Most friendly host.

Oh, what a party,
This celebration
Of the breathing light
Shining inside out.
The one showing the way,
Embracing the path
With happiness
And the smiling affection
We all deserve.

Oh, what a gathering,
This is so true,
This is our life,
For every single day
Our most amazing people
Are sharing with us
Their deepest moments
In ignorance,
And in knowledge.
Whatever their state
When we are there to listen
For it’s not a mistake
Our presence is needed.

Oh, what a joy,
This one coming
From the heart and soul.
Love is the one
That started it all
For all the blessings
In our world
For all the beauty
Inside each one of us.
Choose Love
With consciously awareness
For the touch of true love
It’s a forever invitation,
Welcome my dearest one
To my humblest house
My heart it’s for you to enter
My soul to bath your faith and hopes.

And so we’re celebrating
Our light, life, love,
In total freedom.
It is us not convinced
But manifesting
Our dreams in our reality,
Cause’ we believe.
And the truth is
In our freedom,
Our Light, life, and love
Are possible.

Oh, and sometimes
In big celebrations
We could lose electricity,
Oh, darkness, to get rid
But, as you have been able
To witness
The power comes back,
To keep our celebration going
Until the end of times.
So play the music
Sing out loud and dance.

Its Time To


Why youre great

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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