Beyond The Words Of Love – Poem

Beyond The Words Of Love
By Diana Arco

There is the right moment
When you’re expressing
Your feelings and emotions
In your present.
You open yourself an awakening
That flows in harmony with your all,
Having the attention
Of the one who makes
Your heart beat with love.

Inside that magic bubble
There’s no room for shame,
For the truth is in tune
Within yourself.
And you give a minute of silence
For all those who can’t
Speak beyond the words of love.
Fear and ignorance has bitten
Their tongues.

Then the love is every poet
Inside each one of us,
Born with the privilege
Of expression…
We all are capable
Of greatness,
And saying “I Love You”
Poetically means everything.

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul”

“Don’t be a stranger
To your love.
Say “I Love You” today.”


Dont Let Fear


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