One Question – Poem

One Question
By Diana Arco

Oh, my love.
There are many questions
Dancing within the self,
Waiting for their chance
To join the reality
They deserve.

They’re beating
With the rhythm of the heart,
Burning within the soul.
They’re hunger
For knowledge
And the truth…
Waiting for
Their answer’s birth.

But, my love…
There is always
That question,
The closest one from all,
That’s always present
And waiting
With all its might.

And I say today,
With all my best,
That my time has arrived.
And I celebrate
My good fate
With you, my love,
My blessing in life.

It just took one question
And its answer
To turn my whole world
Upside down.
And You’re so welcome,
My love,
For my happy tender smile.

One Question Heart

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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