Mutual Respect – Poem

Mutual Respect

By Diana Arco

There’s a vision of perfection

In each one of us,

If you don’t understand mine,

It’s ok, I’m not mad,

We’re not obligated

To embrace each other’s visions

But we’re together

In this path of mutual respect.

There’s this artistry in my veins,

I cherish it deep within me.

You don’t understand my needs

But I let you be

For our freedom’s sake that visit us

Every moment of our lives.

So I don’t beg for acceptation,

I don’t have to at all,

But in this mutual respect

We experience in our time,

You’ll do your thing

And I’ll do mine

For it’s in my nature

This need of artistry expression,

And it’s in your nature

When there’s something

You just can’t understand.

I’am far away of your reach today,

And still we’re friends.

But one thing for sure is,

That my door is always opened for you,

If my craft someday finds a home,

Right there, in your heart and soul.

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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