The Composer and The Flycatcher ranks #132 on AMAZON!

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The Composer and the Flycatcher by Diana Arco

The Composer and The Flycatcher’s unique style is a direct result of poetess Ms. Diana Arco of Mexico and it is ranked #132 on AMAZON today.  Here is the back-story:

Guido feels lost and without hope. Alone, he drinks his pains and sorrows away with alcohol. Due to his sadness, Guido cannot play his violin or compose music anymore. He feels his life no longer has a purpose. One day, a small Flycatcher flies into Guido’s window.

Hope arrives for the composer once again as the Flycatcher’s angelical signing, rhythm and voice stirs Guido’s heart and soul. The effect is strong enough for him to play violin and to compose new works once more. However, Guido’s inspiration gives way to pain, when the Flycatcher seeks payment as his by requesting Guido’s daughter’s soul. The Flycatcher wishes to take Aletta as his own because while living in Guido’s home he has…

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