About Diana

Diana Arco has been blessed with such amazing life’s experiences, like working as a Cultural Representative at Walt Disney’s World Epcot Mexican Pavilion. She also worked in a UK and USA Construction Company “Kier CCC Group” as the General Manager’s assistant. Now she works in the show business as talent artist representative and booking live shows entertainment in México. But all the time she always kept alive a deep desire to share fantasy tales to readers. She felt in love with words at early age, especially poetry, the genre where she thinks “words are able to dance” just like that. So she kept writing, it took her a while, until she came up with her first book “The Composer and The Flycatcher”… Where she found herself pleased because it’s a fantasy fairy tale, yes, but she took the freedom and the joy to write it in poetry.

Hello and Welcome!

Ok, Let me start with introducing myself… Easy… Basic information…

Name: Diana Arco

Birth Place: Monterrey México

Birthday: 11th June 1975

Age: Hmmm… The yikes “37″!… but age it’s just a number… I don’t feel myself my age anyway…

Weight, height, etc… Do you really need to know about that? Hmmm… I’m 5″7 height… and that’s it! lol..

Status: “Single “- But, Prince Charming it’s on his way! I’m in love!

Note: I’ll tell you more about myself in future posts.

Occupation / Here in this blog: I’am a writer! Finally, I can say that!… Well, I’m just starting and about to get published in a few months.  I’m so excited and grateful for this opportunity! This Gift, this sharing, this “love”…

My first book:  “The Composer and The Flycatcher” I’ll tell you about my title in future posts.  Stay tuned…this is one of the reasons I’m here in my blog.

Occupation / Outside this blog: I’m a human being, a daughter, sister, aunt, a friend.  I also work in the show business  booking live entertainment from USA to México.

Note: “Friend” it’s also applied to “Occupation / Here in this blog”… as soon as you start following me and reading my posts and send me your comments.

To close this “la la la…blah…”

My Welcome message / Quote:

“Blogging is not rocket science,

it’s about being yourself,

and putting what you have into.”

“Let’s going to have fun!”


Diana Arco.

“All the light, life, love, freedom” in the world!

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