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About DonnaInk Publications and dpInk Ltd. Liability Company

Founder and President DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. ( a small women-owned traditional Indie publishing house with over thirty (30) authors; and, Founder, CEO and President of dpInk Ltd. Liability Company ( a business development, capture administration and senior proposal architecture enterprise.

2017 – Ringing in the New Year!

With the advent of a new year, sensibilities rise to the forefront of our mind. Perhaps more than a birthday, the new year sings its own reverie to get our ducks in a row, to begin again to tow the mark, bids us to turn the page and start anew. Yes, the new year taunts us to envision the horizon and see the future by improving our focus. The festivities are over – winter is settling in and she proves to be a preponderance of resolution our inner being innately underscores in its need for reparation toward the achievement of our newest creative seeds and their triumphant emergence in the springtime for summer’s consumption and fall’s exuberance.

As a fledgling entrepreneur / small business connoisseur, having experienced equally great successes and failures, it is time to embrace the season and refresh business acumen, ideologies and direction. It is time to take successes into the future, and to comprehend lessons-learned from entrepreneurial failures of the past, in order to benefit clients, customers, readers and authors universally in our future.

In order to enact benefits, change is required. So, throughout the month of January 2017, change is the plan of the hour. And, will be introduced as the month progresses to enrich government and commercial clients and customers, as well as literary and non-fiction readers and authors.

Both dpInk Company Ltd. and DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. wish each of you happiness, prosperity, and health throughout 2017!

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The Composer and The Flycatcher ranks #132 on AMAZON!

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scattered diamonds

H.M. Nolan

The moon scattered diamonds

across the ocean

it twinkled and winked on the tippy-tops of waves

and becomelost inside

her ravenous froth.

I play this dream

in reverse, don’t you know?

Love is the deepest

rabbit hole.

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The Unpredictable Predictable

Wonderful poetics from Wade Lancaster.

Wade Lancaster

time exposed city

Your text entered into my eyes and rattled around like razor blades in my mind.

You Will Never Know The Book Of Life By Starting In The Middle

Fixing machines are predictable.
The solutions are always the same.
There is only so many causes.
This is what makes them predictable.
Fixing people are complicated.
The solutions are never the same.
There are to many causes.
This is what makes people unpredictable.

You love the feel of the machine.
The way it lets you control it.
How well you can predict it.
But you don’t know what makes it tick.
You hate the way people make you feel.
The way they control you.
How well they predict you.
But you know what makes them tick.

There is madness shared by two. (Folie a deux)
You are the human machine.
Some claim they have the solution.
There are only so many causes.

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C.B. Wentworth

maple leaves
flutter in the wind
each their own way

– – –

Photo: Maple leaves in Northern Wisconsin, c.b.w. 2013

Words: haiku in response to Wednesday Poetry Prompt #336 via Poetic Asides, c.b.w. 2016

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dpInk Affirmation Dailies

Hear The Words

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dpInk Affirmation Dailies

Hear The Words

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Affirmation Dailies

25% off all dpInk titles until 31 July 2015.

25% off all dpInk titles until 31 July 2015.

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Are you an engine or an anchor?

Author Dr. Chester Litvin

National Writing Examiner, Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry

Are you an engine or an anchor? by Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry, National Writing Examiner . . .

When considering wordsmiths – both an engine and an anchor sound equally engaging. You may desire to drive your reader to greater heights of understanding but you also might desire readers remain synced in and focused on content. Is one better than the other? If we were talking relationships, such as those Sunil Bali discusses in his titles:

  • The Book of Awesome Humour: Quite Simply, One of the Funniest Books Ever1 Apr 2012 | Kindle eBook by Sunil Bali
  • The Art of Awesome Living: An Inspirational Guide On How To Achieve More Success, More Easily, With Less Stress1 Apr 2012 | Kindle eBook by Sunil Bali
  • Mind, Set & Match: How To Do The Work That You Were Born To Do1 Apr 2012 | Kindle…

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Out-of-the-box crafters of artisan works are featured in Celebration of the 4th of July!

Out-of-the-box crafters of artisan works are featured in Celebration of the 4th of July! – Press Release on PRLog for dpInk . .


Ms. D. L. Quesinberry, Founder and CEO of dpInk (DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.).

Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry, Founder and CEO of dpInk (DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.) is a stalwart American patriot and this has driven her to further reduce titles among nonfiction and select fiction / literature to dramatically reduced discounts of 25% on the already deep pocketed discounted books she represents.

“dpInk authors are regaled in niche markets as out-of-the-box nonfiction & fiction crafters of artisan works, which they are! In celebration of 4th of July, my authors’ original titles will feature an additional 25% discount (Enter Code: 878470) throughout June & July 2015. As a longtime participant in the Department of Defense (DoD) and federal services / agencies as a management consultant to federal contractors – I believe in the American Warfighter and our Nation.

These discounts applaud American initiative and the fact we embrace international diversity and support freedom and independence in all cultures. Readers notice many of our authors are internationalists sharing their dreams in print.

It is my hope, our discounts over the next sixty (60) day stretch aid greater numbers of readers to learn more about our authors who hail from nine (9) countries and five (5) continents and share original artisan works among nonfiction and select fiction.

Readers love our authors and their works because dpInk authors are unique with exceptional nonfiction (i.e.: biography – memoir, business, military – weaponry, poetry – literature, religion – philosophy, self-improvement) and select fiction (i.e.: children’s, drama (includes mysteries and suspense work), horror, fantasy and science fiction, LGBT, Men’s Adventure, Young and New Adult / Teens, Women); including “series” titles:


  • Katsujinken Magazine – the premiere Eastern and Western sword arts magazine by Jason Lee A. Hatcher – Washington D.C.’s Head Instructor in Mugai Ryu
  • Business Zen: The Power of NOW – book with chap books by Dondi VonQuestinberg

Select Fiction:

  • “MYRA-HATI,” by Fabio Evangelista daSilva of Brazil – fulfilling a childhood dream of fantasy fiction;
  • “Seasons of Thunder,” by Teedzani Thapelo – a human rights advocate with boots on the ground knowledge shared in his writing from Botswana / Zimbabwe / Sub-Saharan Africa;
  • “Skyla’s Hat Adventures” with original children’s clap and dance vocal performances, by Country & Western Starlet . . . Skyla Spencer of Nashville Tennessee;
  • “Small World,” fantasy series by Gerhard Plenert [author of over fifteen (15) books] from Carmichael California;
  • “The Adrian Trilogy,” by Lyn Gibson of Louisiana – a reawakening of old vampire lore by this quickly emerging global vampire historian . . .

Take a minute, review your summer reading list, visit us today and let’s celebrate the 4th of July together!”

DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.

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