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Trying To Write A Poem – Poem

Trying To Write A Poem

By Diana Arco

This is the day

When I’m here

Trying to write

Another poem of mine,

And for some reason,

When I feel this urge need

To share a message,

Another message arrives,

And another one.

I just can’t decide

Which one to embrace

In the arms of my craft.

So, today, in particular,

I’ve decided to ignore them all.

“I’ve had enough!”  “Arrghhh!”

But, oh, I come back to my senses

And I realize again

I cannot escape from this present message,

The one that is making me write these words,

And the one I’am letting run

Through the fingers of my soul.

Any message is “amazingly right”

To turn it into poetry,

Just read above,

To what I’ve wrote.

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

Visit my publisher at www.donnaink.com for deep pocket discounts and there is a 25% off sale presently! Take advantage of it.

Visit my publisher at http://www.donnaink.com for deep pocket discounts and there is a 25% off sale presently! Take advantage of it.

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Message – Poem


By Diana Arco

In a thought

Where a few words belong

There’s a huge universe

Of intentions.

There are truths

In each one

Of the colors

Of the rainbow.

In each number

An spiritual meaning.

These frequencies

Traveling away in the distance

Getting closer to the terms

Of our own convictions

Of our existence.

So, here’s my message…

Follow the sings

Be happy

Be wise.

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

Visit my publisher at: www.donnaink.org or www.donnaink.com for my new title release,

Visit my publisher at:http://www.donnaink.orgorhttp://www.donnaink.comfor my new title release, “The Composer and The Flycatcher.”  Fantasy poetry – prose and verse tale.  A Whimsical Ode To Love! USA & Mexico

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Pink Lemonade – Poem

Pink Lemonade –

By Diana Arco

Searching for some memories of the past

Navigating the thoughts of my own time

Embracing the understanding

Of my own energy and its doubts

I let the rain of my own love

To bath me from hair to toes.

So I drink to my health

Savoring a pink lemonade,

Ice cubes refreshing me plenty

Losing myself in its sweetness.

Then I nod my head gently

And I breath out my hopes.

This is me

Within and out from my own truth.

So I declare firm :

“I’m here, I’m there, I’am nowhere..

I belong, I’am free, I’am love…

I do, I did, I didn’t,  I do…

I listen, I speak, I shout, I’am mute…

I think, I wonder, I know, I’m ignorant…

I’am Myself…”

And the days don’t go by themselves.

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

Visit my publisher at: www.donnaink.org or www.donnaink.com for my new title release, "The Composer and The Flycatcher."

Visit my publisher at: http://www.donnaink.orgorhttp://www.donnaink.comfor my new title release, “The Composer and The Flycatcher.”  Fantasy poetry – prose and verse tale.  A Whimsical Ode To Love! USA & Mexico

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Authors / Writers: How to be good and bad?

Greetings, everyone!

I found this in the internet and it really makes me laugh. But how true it is, you know.
So, this is the part when you read: How to be a bad writer?


Now, how to be a good writer?
Well, you already know the answer.
PS: Just turn “posite” all the bad stuff from above.


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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Do what you love…

DO  What You LOVE


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedrom From The Heart And Soul.”

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What’s a Delayed Gratification? It’s much more than a cookie!


Greetings, Everyone!

I was searching the internet (like every single day) when I found this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_ubVVnWglk Where English Actor Tom Hiddleston http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1089991/ teaches a lesson to the Cookie Monster.

“Good things come to those who wait.” or “The cookie taste better when you wait.”

I just felt the need to share this “knowledge” with you today. After all, it’s something we’ve been dealing with many times, but I thought: “This is a good reminder” to share with my followers in my blog.

Now, to get deep into the matter, this is the “psychology concept” of the delayed gratification.
“Is the ability to resist the temptation for an immediate reward and wait for a later reward.
It’s also associated with resisting a smaller but more immediate reward in order to receive a larger or more enduring reward later.”

For a better understanding about this concept http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delayed_gratification

It’s amazing, in my experience, I’ve been able to apply this concept not knowing I was doing it.
-“How?”- You might ask.

Some examples:
– Saving some money now to spend it later: You break your back at work. Don’t waste your money now… It’s better to know how to enjoy it. I wonder about all the times you said: “I wish I was able to see “that” before getting “this”! So… What I do to avoid this unpleasant moment?… Simple: For example, in a shopping mall…I visit all the stores, then I decide what to get. Sometimes I need something, others it’s just a gift to myself. Also… and this one is important! It’s so amazing when you know what you want to buy and you see the same item in different stores under different prices! Even when you feel tired of so much walking you’ll be grateful with your “wallet”.. I mean… your choice.

– Stop and think to choose what’s really important to you: Life, love, jobs. You have always the choice “Freedom” to search, find out, your purpose in this world. BTW! You are the most important “You” in your life. You must be always at the top of your list.. Why? You gotta be the first. Your #1 in everything: Love yourself first to love others. Give yourself a gift first to appreciate it to then give a gift to others. Learn yourself first to teach others.

– Clarify and define goals: a clear understanding of what you want to achieve in a longer-term. All those steps that are going to take you right there, to your ultimate goal. And as you have experienced before… You Are Not Alone! Your goal can be important to someone else, so they’ll jump into your boat.

There are many more “experiences in life” but I just took the freedom to share these ones with you.

So, my friend. I need to tell you this before closing my today’s post:
This the chance you have to use your willpower in a consciously way! The experiences that you patiently wait for and look forward they become much more colorful and memorable than you could ever imagine.

– The Food tastes so much better when you wait for it.
– That day in the movie theater is always enjoyed more when your work is done.
– You pay with cash instead with credit: What you have it’s what you spend. You can use your credit for those difficult and special situations that really requires it.

Delayed gratification gives you the freedom to see the big picture and how everything you do contributes to it. You are creating your own “domino” effect! One piece falls after the another with just a push. Your life’s linked sequence of events, but this time you are experienced them more aware about yourself, your life’s situations, and what’s around you.


🙂 All the light, life, love, and freedom from the heart and soul. ❤

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My Poem “Mr. Rejection” about manuscript rejections, of course :-)

Greetings, Everyone! 🙂

I’am taking the freedom to approach you today with a situation that practicaly makes us writers to cry oceans, not rivers… and it is “The Rejection of Manuscripts”…    I mean, “Yikes! How heavy is this!”  You took the chance, you enjoyed writing your manuscript, it’s your baby, and it’s ready after so many drafts and loud out readings.    You started to send your “Submissions”  to literary agents and / or  publishers, and you are waiting patiently for days, weeks, months, years… and then you finally start to get answers, and yes, it doesn’t say it, it’s not physically there, but it is hiding in there, somewhere, the word “Rejected”

I have been rejected myself, and at the beginning I was so ignorant about this situation…  I thought… “Am I Wrong?”  “Maybe I’am not good enough!” “Should I write it all over again differently?  Hell No! That’s my voice and I won’t change it!”  And there I was again, laying on my bed at nights, talking to myself,  talking to God searching for comfort, for light about it.    Then my curiosity took me to search the internet, because in my ignorance I thought I was forever and ever the rotten cherry from the yummy delicious cake! lol… and I found out that many authors , who have and had or should have the word “Greatness”  almost tattooed in their foreheads, were rejected too…  Poor publishers, I bet they banged their heads on the wall, and their descendants will do the same as well. .. probably until the end of times, just to speak.

Just to mention a few best seller authors…

Stephen King –  He explains that whenever he got a rejection, he would stick on a nail. He started submitting stories to magazines at the age of 16, but didn’t get published until he was 20… He is the man who wrote “Carrie”, people!!!

J.K. Rowling – Her first Harry Potter novel was submitted to twelve publishing houses, all which rejected the wizard boy. But a happy reader, who was the CEO’s young daughter from small London publisher named “Bloomsbury”, decided to print the book.  Note–  Bloomsbury is not small anymore! 🙂

Nicholas Sparks –  Did you know that his famous “The Notebook” was rejected 24 times???  (I’am totally in love with the book and the movie)

Margaret Mitchell –  Correct!  That amazing lady who wrote “Gone with the wind”.  I guess you didn’t know it was rejected by 38 publishers before finding the right one to believe in her and  her novel!!!

Dr. Seuss –  Yep, our lovely creator of the “Grinch” that I bet many of us watch the movie or read the book each Christmas with our families!  Pulitzer winner!   His first book  ” And to think I Saw It On Mulberry Street” was rejected 27 times!!!   He wrote such an original and creative piece, a book with a new way of writing that publishers were afraid to publish him, fearing there wouldn’t be any juvenil market for it… and look how the things turned out for him!  Just Amazing! 🙂

I advice you to search the internet and you will find out that the  list  of famous rejected writers  keeps going and going!  Can you imagine “Charles Dickens and his masterpiece  “Great Expectations”  got also rejected?  I wouldn’t in a million of years until I found it myself.

I strongly think and feel that when you really want something in life, you must put all your heart and soul into it,  doesn’t matter how many times you’ll get “Knocked out!”

I’am taking this space to thank my publisher…  Ms. Donna Quesinberry  owner, agent, and publisher of  “DonnaInk Publications”  http://www.donnaink.org/  for signing my debut book “The Composer and The Flycatcher”, and signing me as new author.   All my gratitude, respect, and admiration.

Ohh, yes, the poem…

Mr. Rejection

By Diana Arco

My dear writer

I’am here to bring you awareness,

You, who have been rejected by Mr. Rejection.

And you, who are just starting to live the adventure.

I’am here to tell you:

Don’t give up!

Please, don’t give up!

It doesn’t matter how many homes you have to send your submissions,

And Mr. Rejection following your foot steps so close,

There is always one room waiting for you,

Only if you really want to and you are sure of,

To welcome you with open arms

and make more than one dream come true.

I’am asking you to open your heart first, then to see with your eyes.

Mr. Rejection is only telling you to find your right place in this world.

“Where? Please… Where?” – You might ask…

In the literary world, of course!

“But it’s so huge!” – you might complain…

But there are enough readers for each one of us, writers.

To reach their hearts, minds, and souls within our tales.

And publishers are so aware about that,

That’s  why they keep searching and publishing us.

We depend one from another,

We are one in the infinite land of possibilities.

So, please, my dear writer

Don’t hate Mr. Rejection

Don’t get into despair because of him.

He is only helping you.

Following you like a guardian angel

To place you where you really belong.

Trust me,  my dear writer,

I walked the road with him myself.

Please stay in touch for more…



❤ All the light, life, love, and freedom from the heart and soul.  🙂

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