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The Piece – Poem

The Piece

By Diana Arco

You look at it

With fixed determination,

And the more you look,

The more you lose yourself

In its perplexing inspiration.

How is it possible

You can lose yourself

Inside this dimension?

It’s such beauty that calls you,

Attracts you in every single corner of its shape.

And for a moment

Of such perplexity

You know that you’re great

For being able to discover

Something that makes you smile

And appreciate.

It’s just not a piece,

Not an sculpture,

A painting, an structure.

It’s the soul that lives inside

The creation of each creator,

And to your eyes

The piece has achieved perfection

In all its expression.

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul”

Visit my publisher at www.donnaink.com for deep pocket discounts and there is a 25% off sale presently! Take advantage of it.

Visit my publisher at http://www.donnaink.com for deep pocket discounts. Take advantage of it.

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Out-of-the-box crafters of artisan works are featured in Celebration of the 4th of July!

Out-of-the-box crafters of artisan works are featured in Celebration of the 4th of July! – Press Release on PRLog for dpInk . .


Ms. D. L. Quesinberry, Founder and CEO of dpInk (DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.).

Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry, Founder and CEO of dpInk (DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.) is a stalwart American patriot and this has driven her to further reduce titles among nonfiction and select fiction / literature to dramatically reduced discounts of 25% on the already deep pocketed discounted books she represents.

“dpInk authors are regaled in niche markets as out-of-the-box nonfiction & fiction crafters of artisan works, which they are! In celebration of 4th of July, my authors’ original titles will feature an additional 25% discount (Enter Code: 878470) throughout June & July 2015. As a longtime participant in the Department of Defense (DoD) and federal services / agencies as a management consultant to federal contractors – I believe in the American Warfighter and our Nation.

These discounts applaud American initiative and the fact we embrace international diversity and support freedom and independence in all cultures. Readers notice many of our authors are internationalists sharing their dreams in print.

It is my hope, our discounts over the next sixty (60) day stretch aid greater numbers of readers to learn more about our authors who hail from nine (9) countries and five (5) continents and share original artisan works among nonfiction and select fiction.

Readers love our authors and their works because dpInk authors are unique with exceptional nonfiction (i.e.: biography – memoir, business, military – weaponry, poetry – literature, religion – philosophy, self-improvement) and select fiction (i.e.: children’s, drama (includes mysteries and suspense work), horror, fantasy and science fiction, LGBT, Men’s Adventure, Young and New Adult / Teens, Women); including “series” titles:


  • Katsujinken Magazine – the premiere Eastern and Western sword arts magazine by Jason Lee A. Hatcher – Washington D.C.’s Head Instructor in Mugai Ryu
  • Business Zen: The Power of NOW – book with chap books by Dondi VonQuestinberg

Select Fiction:

  • “MYRA-HATI,” by Fabio Evangelista daSilva of Brazil – fulfilling a childhood dream of fantasy fiction;
  • “Seasons of Thunder,” by Teedzani Thapelo – a human rights advocate with boots on the ground knowledge shared in his writing from Botswana / Zimbabwe / Sub-Saharan Africa;
  • “Skyla’s Hat Adventures” with original children’s clap and dance vocal performances, by Country & Western Starlet . . . Skyla Spencer of Nashville Tennessee;
  • “Small World,” fantasy series by Gerhard Plenert [author of over fifteen (15) books] from Carmichael California;
  • “The Adrian Trilogy,” by Lyn Gibson of Louisiana – a reawakening of old vampire lore by this quickly emerging global vampire historian . . .

Take a minute, review your summer reading list, visit us today and let’s celebrate the 4th of July together!”


DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.

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Hush… #amwriting

Greetings Everyone! 🙂

I’m just here to share a picture that my mom found on the internet and she sent it to me.
This is how I look when I’am seated on the floor of my room to write…. lol.
Somehow I just can’t stay still when I write and, yes, sometimes I end up myself on the floor.

Well, as you can see… I’am very concentrated!

Cat with a keyboard

Have an amazing week and happy writing!


“You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for children.”
― Madeleine L’Engle

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”
― Maya Angelou

“Child, to say the very thing you really mean, the whole of it, nothing more or less or other than what you really mean; that’s the whole art and joy of words.”
― C.S. Lewis

“If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.”
― Martin Luther

“I want to see thirst
In the syllables,
Tough fire
In the sound;
Feel through the dark
For the scream.”
― Pablo Neruda

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“Believe” – Poem


Greetings, Everyone!
I’m back to you with a poem that I wrote about this amazing word “Believe”. I’m sharing my own experience in here. I’ve been able to enjoy such blessings in my life, and those didn’t arrived to me from “out of the blue”, neither by a “coincidence.” I chose to “believe” I deserve these gifts, blessings, and I sent away all my fears and doubts, my ignorance.

by Diana Arco

There is an explosion from the heart.
The choice of such powerful light,
It’s the one that is telling you
To believe anything is possible now.

It’s the inspiration that it’s alive
When the right time arrives,
Waking you up from that dream of ignorance.
Be love – be smart – believe in yourself.

Under the clear sky of your own treasures,
The trees of your dancing winds,
And the sun and the moon of your ideals…
believe, believe, and believe.

There is no room for doubts and fears,
Those walls are falling down from the existance
Of that reality of pain and misunderstandings.
Believe is picking up the broken pieces from the past.

The sparkling dots of awareness,
Going up and down, and everywhere.
Today the difference is dancing
To the rhythm believing song from the heart and soul.


*** So, what are you waiting for? Start to believe in yourself “now” ***

🙂 ” All the light, life, love, and freedom from the heart and soul. ” ❤

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Write with love… Even when you are not writing a romance novel.

Greetings, Everyone! 🙂

I’m back to you with a new poem that I took the freedom to write about:

“Write with love… Even when you are not writing a romance novel.”
By Diana Arco.

I write every single day,
The joy that I can’t deny it,
My time and my space I embrace…
It’s me the one who is behind of my universe.
The creator, the villain, the healer, my own heroe…
I’am not asking for any permission,
I follow my insticts.

I’am the poetess of my own craft.
I don’t care in my present writings
About signs, exclamations, and stops.
I’ll do that later, when I have to,
For all my attention goes to my inspiration,
For my words to flow as free as the beating of my heart
Dancing to the rhythm of my own song.

When you write with love,
Even if you are fantasy or horror,
It is when you open the door
To what you are really looking for.
It’s that perception that you’re experiencing now,
The illusion that you make it come true.
You are forming moving pictures inside your mind.

You write what you write.
I don’t believe you have a hollow for a heart,
And I’m sorry if you choose to be one…when you have the choice.
So I’am telling you again,
By experience I say,
Write with all your love
Even when you are not writing a romance novel.

* Stay tuned for more to come *


❤ All the light, life, love, and freedom from the heart and soul 🙂

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My Poem “Mr. Rejection” about manuscript rejections, of course :-)

Greetings, Everyone! 🙂

I’am taking the freedom to approach you today with a situation that practicaly makes us writers to cry oceans, not rivers… and it is “The Rejection of Manuscripts”…    I mean, “Yikes! How heavy is this!”  You took the chance, you enjoyed writing your manuscript, it’s your baby, and it’s ready after so many drafts and loud out readings.    You started to send your “Submissions”  to literary agents and / or  publishers, and you are waiting patiently for days, weeks, months, years… and then you finally start to get answers, and yes, it doesn’t say it, it’s not physically there, but it is hiding in there, somewhere, the word “Rejected”

I have been rejected myself, and at the beginning I was so ignorant about this situation…  I thought… “Am I Wrong?”  “Maybe I’am not good enough!” “Should I write it all over again differently?  Hell No! That’s my voice and I won’t change it!”  And there I was again, laying on my bed at nights, talking to myself,  talking to God searching for comfort, for light about it.    Then my curiosity took me to search the internet, because in my ignorance I thought I was forever and ever the rotten cherry from the yummy delicious cake! lol… and I found out that many authors , who have and had or should have the word “Greatness”  almost tattooed in their foreheads, were rejected too…  Poor publishers, I bet they banged their heads on the wall, and their descendants will do the same as well. .. probably until the end of times, just to speak.

Just to mention a few best seller authors…

Stephen King –  He explains that whenever he got a rejection, he would stick on a nail. He started submitting stories to magazines at the age of 16, but didn’t get published until he was 20… He is the man who wrote “Carrie”, people!!!

J.K. Rowling – Her first Harry Potter novel was submitted to twelve publishing houses, all which rejected the wizard boy. But a happy reader, who was the CEO’s young daughter from small London publisher named “Bloomsbury”, decided to print the book.  Note–  Bloomsbury is not small anymore! 🙂

Nicholas Sparks –  Did you know that his famous “The Notebook” was rejected 24 times???  (I’am totally in love with the book and the movie)

Margaret Mitchell –  Correct!  That amazing lady who wrote “Gone with the wind”.  I guess you didn’t know it was rejected by 38 publishers before finding the right one to believe in her and  her novel!!!

Dr. Seuss –  Yep, our lovely creator of the “Grinch” that I bet many of us watch the movie or read the book each Christmas with our families!  Pulitzer winner!   His first book  ” And to think I Saw It On Mulberry Street” was rejected 27 times!!!   He wrote such an original and creative piece, a book with a new way of writing that publishers were afraid to publish him, fearing there wouldn’t be any juvenil market for it… and look how the things turned out for him!  Just Amazing! 🙂

I advice you to search the internet and you will find out that the  list  of famous rejected writers  keeps going and going!  Can you imagine “Charles Dickens and his masterpiece  “Great Expectations”  got also rejected?  I wouldn’t in a million of years until I found it myself.

I strongly think and feel that when you really want something in life, you must put all your heart and soul into it,  doesn’t matter how many times you’ll get “Knocked out!”

I’am taking this space to thank my publisher…  Ms. Donna Quesinberry  owner, agent, and publisher of  “DonnaInk Publications”  http://www.donnaink.org/  for signing my debut book “The Composer and The Flycatcher”, and signing me as new author.   All my gratitude, respect, and admiration.

Ohh, yes, the poem…

Mr. Rejection

By Diana Arco

My dear writer

I’am here to bring you awareness,

You, who have been rejected by Mr. Rejection.

And you, who are just starting to live the adventure.

I’am here to tell you:

Don’t give up!

Please, don’t give up!

It doesn’t matter how many homes you have to send your submissions,

And Mr. Rejection following your foot steps so close,

There is always one room waiting for you,

Only if you really want to and you are sure of,

To welcome you with open arms

and make more than one dream come true.

I’am asking you to open your heart first, then to see with your eyes.

Mr. Rejection is only telling you to find your right place in this world.

“Where? Please… Where?” – You might ask…

In the literary world, of course!

“But it’s so huge!” – you might complain…

But there are enough readers for each one of us, writers.

To reach their hearts, minds, and souls within our tales.

And publishers are so aware about that,

That’s  why they keep searching and publishing us.

We depend one from another,

We are one in the infinite land of possibilities.

So, please, my dear writer

Don’t hate Mr. Rejection

Don’t get into despair because of him.

He is only helping you.

Following you like a guardian angel

To place you where you really belong.

Trust me,  my dear writer,

I walked the road with him myself.

Please stay in touch for more…



❤ All the light, life, love, and freedom from the heart and soul.  🙂

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Why I chose to write “The Composer and The Flycatcher” in poetry prose?

About my upcoming title “The Composer and The Flycatcher”…

God knows I tried to write my fantasy tale using the “normal”, established, narration style according to what I learned at school and my experience as a reader.. I love to read, I read every single day and I have lots of books at home, in my room.  My favorite author is Paulo Coelho and my all time favorite book is “The Alchemist”…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Alchemist_(novel) (Please read the link)

So, 4 years ago, when I decided  my “This is it” time to write “The Composer and The Flycatcher”… I was so excited with this new adventure.   There I was writing and deleting, but feeling myself I was going nowhere.  “I have the idea, but the narration is not working for me!” – I used to say this to myself at nights before going to bed.

One day I woke up and I started to take notes in my journal.   “Why this is not working for me? Why I’m not happy with this? Is it my idea so bad that I cannot move forward?  Is this narration that I’am using is it really my own voice?  All writers have their own and unique voices.  The doubts were inside of me.  That’s when it came to me… “This not my voice!”

“What is it that I like the most when I read?” – I asked this to myself one day.  Of course I love fantasy fiction books. I also love  poetry, and song lyrics.    I wondered if I was able to use a little bit of each and apply them to the writing of my manuscript.   “I’m going to have fun with this.” – I smiled to myself.  “I have nothing to lose in here.”

I started writing, formating, giving structure to my manuscript.  My words were dancing and my characters coming alive!.  I was unstoppable from first day until the end of the first draft.   I was happy with my composition!  I’m so happy with my voice!

Please, stay in touch for more…


All the light, life, love, freedom from the heart and soul!

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Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome!

Ok, Let me start with introducing myself… Easy… Basic information…

Name: Diana Arco

Birth Place: Monterrey México

Birthday: 11th June 1975

Age: Hmmm… The yikes “40″!… but age it’s just a number… I don’t feel myself my age anyway…

Weight, height, etc… Do you really need to know about these? Hmmm… I’m 5″7 height… And weight… ??? Hmmm…

Status: “Single “- But,  I’m still waiting for Prince Charming!

Occupation / Here in this blog: I’am a writer! Finally, I can say that!…

My first book:  “The Composer and The Flycatcher”  A fantasy poetry – prose and verse tale. A Whimsical Ode To Love!

Occupation / Outside this blog: I’m a soul, a human being, a daughter, sister, aunt, and friend first.  I work in the show business,  booking live entertainment from USA to México.

My Welcome message / Quote:

“Blogging is not rocket science,

it’s about being yourself,

and putting what you have into.”

“Let’s have fun!”


Diana Arco.

“All The Light, Life, Love And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”


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