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Awaken – Poem

By Diana Arco

From all those awaken passions,
How many more remain asleep?
They are just waiting for me in silence
To ignite them in such powerful splendors,
Like those fireworks in the sky.
Spectacle to the eyes, thunders to the ears and hearts.

From all those awaken creations,
How many more remain undone?
They are just impatient for my imagination
To take action, to be in charge.
There are no limits and no mistakes,
Only my garden of joys to nurture and reap.

From all those awaken experiences,
How many more remain to live?
When every day is an opportunity
To explore and choose.
When every moment it’s a reminder:
“I’am alive… I’m not done.”

From all the awaken people
Aware about love.
How many others are
In ignorance in this world?
How amazing it is
To be true to the self… and nothing else.

And the “awaken” goes on and on,
And the “sleeping” ones goes hand by hand.
So today is good for everything
When you’re aware of one thing:
Life is now,
And you embrace it: “alive”


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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