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Cascade – Poem

By Diana Arco

Welcoming the morning sun,
A thought came down
And with freedom
My heart gave it attention.
To one word said it all:

And the experiences came
Like water right to my senses,
The memories from my past
And the situations from the present.
Cascades into my existence,
Fresh and clean participant and observer.

And I was cold sometimes
For some memories
From my water
They made my cry,
But I fully enjoy
The present gifts,
They make me smile
A gratitude coming from my heart and soul,
From my love in its truth
For I recognize the blessings I receive.

Thank you cascade
For my past memories rushed away.
But Under your bathing care
My present is greeting me
With a loving embrace,
And a message of hope
Delivers the song
Of a beating heart
Truly in love with life.
So I live love in my life.


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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