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Magical Writing – Poem

Magical Writing

By Diana Arco

Magical writing

Where such illogical

Fantasy places

Are hiding a secret truth,

Within its tale sentences

Time is frozen

Into this capsule of virtue.

There’s clarity and expectation

To reach the last chapter,

While you read

You enjoy a nice cup of tea

And delight yourself

With your favorite sweet.

Magical writing,

Dancing words

To your eyes

And music’s beating

Of your heart

Right into your being.

There’s no philosophical


Either a labyrinth

To get lost.

It’s such an amazing structure

That takes you

Where your reading belongs,

And time it’s not a waste

When you’re enjoying yourself

While you treasure

Inside its sentences

Such life’s experiences

Of light, life, love,

And freedom.

So In every turn

The magical writing

Takes you aboard.

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.” 

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The Piece – Poem

The Piece

By Diana Arco

You look at it

With fixed determination,

And the more you look,

The more you lose yourself

In its perplexing inspiration.

How is it possible

You can lose yourself

Inside this dimension?

It’s such beauty that calls you,

Attracts you in every single corner of its shape.

And for a moment

Of such perplexity

You know that you’re great

For being able to discover

Something that makes you smile

And appreciate.

It’s just not a piece,

Not an sculpture,

A painting, an structure.

It’s the soul that lives inside

The creation of each creator,

And to your eyes

The piece has achieved perfection

In all its expression.

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul”

Visit my publisher at www.donnaink.com for deep pocket discounts and there is a 25% off sale presently! Take advantage of it.

Visit my publisher at http://www.donnaink.com for deep pocket discounts. Take advantage of it.

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Just For You And Me – Poem

Just For You

And Me.

By Diana Arco

Do I cheat  time again?

Should I dare

To give that jump?

When I go back

To remember.

When I return

To my life’s lessons

About life and love.

When I search

For an old friend

That’s gone.

When I look for comfort

From a loved one

That I’am not able to hug anymore.

When an object

Triggers that frozen moment

That once I adored.

When I search

For that wise knowledge

That never goes.

But, this is just to let you know,

Do I care?

Of course I do.

I’m still here,

I haven’t moved away,

Even an inch.

And this just for you

And me.

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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I Think – Poem

I Think

By Diana Arco.

After many years
Dealing with the same
Silly but smart enlightenment.
I declare for sure
I can’t help it myself,
And so aware
Of my situation,
I touch in reach deepness
Those simple matters
Of my understanding.
So I sing
In freedom
My most sincerely yours truly.
I think,
I always think,
And when I think
I’m not thinking,
I think again.
Oh, these electric waves
Inside my head.
I let them flow
I take note
I play with them
I enjoy them
I keep them
And I kick them away
When I don’t need them.
“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”
Visit my publisher at: www.donnaink.org or www.donnaink.com for my new title release, "The Composer and The Flycatcher."
Visit my publisher at:http://www.donnaink.orgorhttp://www.donnaink.comfor my new title release, “The Composer and The Flycatcher.”  Fantasy poetry – prose and verse tale.  A Whimsical Ode To Love! USA & Mexico

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The Perfect Rhyme – Poem

The Perfect Rhyme

By Diana Arco

There is no searching for the perfect rhyme,

There’s only you and the poem to be.

No matter your absurd justifications,

Complications, doubts and concerns…

For the poem, free to be,

Out from your own beauty and success,

From yourself and the universe of your own care,

And when the time reaches

To the point of no return,

Seat back, relax and enjoy,

At least for a while.

For once you’ve done this gift

You’re not going to be able to quit.

So the next rhyme for you to meet

Waiting In a new poem stays to breathe.

That adventure is already in its corner,

Like a welcome wind

Satisfying your need…

The creation,

An unstoppable burst of all wonders,

Lives within your being.

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

Visit my publisher at: www.donnaink.org or www.donnaink.com for my new title release, "The Composer and The Flycatcher."

Visit my publisher at: http://www.donnaink.org or http://www.donnaink.comfor my new title release, “The Composer and The Flycatcher.”  Fantasy poetry – prose and verse tale.  A Whimsical Ode To Love! USA & Mexico

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Synchronization Of Love – Poem

Synchronization Of Love
By Diana Arco

There is such a power
Running all over
And inside my body now.
I just let it be
Without any doubt.

I let my synchronization of love
To win out and loud
When no effort is needed
Since it is pure and simple
While freely flows down.

Then strong is my river
Towards your ocean
Wild and with joy.
So, it’s not a mistake at all
When the heart really knows.

There is this special moment
And I’am sharing it with you.
You’ve been chosen
To make a dream come true.
So open yourself and get in tune.

Dance this song with me,
I promise I wont disappoint.
Love is the master
The perfectionist
And our bond in this world.

Now we are together
Without fears whatsoever
In our own synchronization of love,
Where we are in this adventure
And both are winners in our souls.


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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My Official Book Cover Reveal – “The Composer And The Flycatcher”

Greetings, everyone!

Finally the time has come for me to reveal the book cover of my debut title: The Composer and The Flycatcher.

Information taken from: http://www.prlog.org/12280859-the-composer-and-the-flycatcher-book-cover-official-reveal.html
“The Composer and the Flycatcher,” book cover official reveal

DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. announces the official cover design for “The Composer and the Flycatcher,” a fantasy poetry – prose YA tale of Ms. Diana Arco a talented poetess from Mexico.


“The Composer and the Flycatcher,” by Diana Arco
PRLog (Press Release) – Feb. 10, 2014 – ORLANDO, Fla. — Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry, CEO-President announced, impending release of a suite of poetry – prose literary titles in January of 2014. One of these impending titles, is Ms. Diana Arco’s title, “The Composer and the Flycatcher.” Each book’s cover design is representative of the author’s literary portrayal. For “The Composer and the Flycatcher, author Diana Arco shares her own illustrative designs. As an entertainment and talent agent, Ms. Arco arrives from Mexico onto the literary scene and her cover design for her impending release is her very own creation.

The cover design of “The Composer and the Flycatcher” features a vibrant composition of color, which is contrasted by blackened font and shadows where the protagonist lies. Through an internal creativity, Ms. Arco illustrates the most poignant and touching scene from her fantasy YA story on the cover.

Readers note an open window revealing a blue sky, where her title emits from. The sky delivers the author’s message of hope and its timely arrival. Diana intends for readers to gain insights and understanding regarding hope and the fact answers arrive when we need them the most. The Flycatcher, is featured in red and flies beneath the window having entered the protagonist’s home. He greets readers and the story’s characters with wide open wings, as if to say, “I am here! I have arrived! I can help and inspire you, no matter how insignificant I appear to you, I am able to achieve amazing things! All you need to do is listen to my song and hear the voice that reasonnates there. Allow me the opportunity to share my message . . . the message of the Flycatcher . . . it will be revealed.” Torn sheet music and notes are displayed to represent the Flycatcher as the story’s muse.

Bright reds, oranges and browns further illuminate the scene leading to white fog and shadows onto the back cover. This paints the mysticism of the tale and shares the songbird’s brave determination to traverse the gales of shadowlands in order to aid the story’s protagonist. Guido (the composer) is represented in black and surrounded by foggy mists . . . readers may ask, “Why?” The answer lies in the story of Guido, who is living a terrible reality until the Flycatcher flies through his window and shares his song of hope. Having lost the will to play his music and compose new works, Guido feigns as his talents appear lost and his inspiration gone. He appears in a void where no notes exist, until the Flycatcher makes his presence known and reignites his passion and creativity..

At the incarnation of the Flycatcher and his warbling, Guido raises a hand of acceptance in order to delve head-first into the mysticism of opportunity. He shines once again as a composer, playing his violin and creating new concertos. The Flycatcher serves as a transcendent muse for Guido, but at what cost? Readers must remember, ambiguity surrounds the Flycatcher and the dear Composer Guido remains in the dark or does he . . .

“Any form of literature is born not only to entertain, but also to share this truth: “All things are possible when we do them with love.” How many times have you told someone, “I Love You” through artwork, dancing, singing or the written word? It is my hope, “The Composer and the Flycatcher” ignites a flame in your soul for meditation and appreciation of the written word; I believe words dance freely and perfectly in every sentence of love. They are dancing free, but with perfect rhythm in each sentence of love . . . for each of us.” ~ Author Diana Arco, Mexico.

Book Cover

Book Cover


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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The Composer and The Flycatcher – Character Description – The Hunchback Lady

Greetings, Everyone!


This is my last character description from my upcoming title “The Composer and The Flycatcher”…

I introduce you now to my dear and amazing…  The Hunchback Lady…




Stay in touch for news, updates, surprises, and more!





❤ All the light, life, love, and freedom from the heart and soul 🙂

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It’s Alive!!! Alive!!!!! Fiction Character Poem.

Greetings, Everyone! 🙂

I woke up this morning with the feeling to talk to you about how I  created my characters for my upcoming book “The Composer And The Flycatcher”.   I wrote a “draft” that I had to throw it away since, unfortunatelly for me to say it, I found it very and terrible  boring.   I sounded like a walking encyclopedia myself… I’am so guilty, You know.    Then I’ve got the inspiration and decided to talk to you about this in my own way…  “Poetry”…  so here it goes, in a poem, my perceptions, feelings, situations that I went myself through to achieve my creations.

It’s Alive!  Alive!  My fiction Character – Poem.

By Diana Arco.

I wondered about you so many times,

I even had a journal and pen under my bed at nights.

I was waiting for you to show up with your light

To wake me up from my sleep to meet you at last.

I wondered about you with excitment and emotion.

Always ready to ask you… Who are you?

Where do you come from?

What’s your purpose?

I used to close my eyes and daydream about your possibility.

I always knew you was there waiting for me

to discover you hiding in plain sight

into those pages somewhere unwritten.

Making the invible ink visible to my heart first then to my eyes,

Not forcing you, of course, cause’ even fiction characters need their freedom

Not threatening you, of course, you need my respect and love.

Not even getting into despair, no,  I always knew you were there at home.

And then, it just happened..

I saw you just right there standing beside me

With all your colors and your splendor

With all your faces, pains, flaws, and frustrations.

You just arrived fine, and simple,

Making this writer of yours so happy.

I needed you so much in that moment

you was there introducing yourself to me openly.

And I wrote, and I described you.

We had this interview between us, so magical.

I heard your voice, clear and sound.

I felt your essence, alive, so free and with trust.

You made me smile when you  decided to stay,

For the amazing adventure that I just created for you to live in.

But you are waiting to be discovered,

You are there excited for them to meet you as well.

“Readers, readers. please, come here and meet me!”

I heard you say.

“I’am going to take you into this new adventure.

You’ll see…  Me –  your character – and my home – the book – are worthy of you.”

We are “one” now,

and we’ll always be together

inside those pages that were written with love,

into ‘The Composer and The Flycatcher” the heart and the soul.

Please, stay in touch, there is more to come.



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