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My Conversation With Mr. Albert Einstein -Poem

My Conversation With Mr. Albert Einstein.
By Diana Arco

Once upon a time
I went into an imaginary travel,
Back in time…
Then I saw a wise man in the park,
Seated on that wooden bench,
Under a huge and beautiful summer tree.

He was taking notes,
Asking to himself:
“Does cold exist?”
Then he said,
And sounded convinced,
“No, it doesn’t”

“Well, that’s so absurd,
My dear old man!”
I felt myself the need
To intervene loud and clear.
“Cold it’s very real to me!
Thank you very much, indeed!”

The man looked at me
With his tired brown eyes,
And said calm and easy
The following words:
“What you consider cold
It’s the absence of heat.”

“That’s very obvious”
I had to admit.
“Laws of physics!
That’s how it is.”
He answered shaking
His funny and messy white mustache at me.

Then he asked me curious:
“Would you like to know
If darkness exists too?”
He was waiting for my answer
While shaking with his hand
His already white and messy hair.

“What are you up to with this, My dear Sr?”
I had to ask this instead anything else.
But he didn’t say anything,
So I decided to follow him
And listen to him after saying:
“Please, I’ll like to know.”

“No, it doesn’t” He answered firm!
I opened my mouth in protest,
Remembering all those childhood nights,
Alone, in the dark,
And at the mercy of the terrible
And sinister boogie man.

“You’re such a lunatic!”
I shouted at him.
He just smiled and answered at my red face.
“Darkness is the absence of light.
We can only study the light,
Not the dark.”

“That’s so obvious.”
I had to admit, again.
“Well, you already know why.”
He made me smile at sudden…
“That physics’ thing, right?” I asked.
And he laughed at me victorious.

Then I sat next to him,
And since he was talking about
Cold and darkness,
I couldn’t hold myself
To ask him:
“Does evil exist too?”

He looked at me
With a tender smile,
And his tired brown eyes.
Then he said out and clear:
“Please don’t yell at me now;
But evil doesn’t exist either.”

I had to stand up,
And I started to walk away,
But then I got back
To my own steps, back to him:
“You better have
Another logical explanation about this!”

The wise man took a deep breath,
He looked right into my eyes,
And he spoke to me
What I felt true in my heart:
“Evil is like darkness and cold.
God didn’t create evil at all.”

“Evil is the result
Of what happens
When man does not have God’s love
Present in his heart.”
Then he sighed, got up,
And said “It’s time to farewell now.”

“But, where are you going?”
I had to ask.
He turned himself to look at me,
And there was peace
In every wrinkle of his face:
“I’m going home to rest.”

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”
Albert Einstein Laughing

Poem written inspired by Albert Einstein’s Quote.

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