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My Friend The Time – Poem

My Friend The Time

By Diana Arco

When I think

All I have

Is my friend the time,

It’s what makes me wonder

To rush, to delay,

To stop,

And even to delete it

Totally away from my life.

I hate you…time

I embrace you… time

I love you… time

I ignore you… time

And blessed be my days and nights

When I receive in full hands my blessings,

And annoying me my days and nights

When I can’t stand the clock ticking,

But here I’am today

Tall and strong,

Fragile and gentle,

Loving and embracing,

Smart, Learning and making mistakes…

And yes…

Waiting, waiting, waiting, and waiting

Not for the perfect time,

But for the choices

I know I must make.

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

Visit my publisher at www.donnaink.com for deep pocket discounts and there is a 25% off sale presently! Take advantage of it.

Visit my publisher at http://www.donnaink.com for deep pocket discounts and there is a 25% off sale presently! Take advantage of it.

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Energies – Poem


By Diana Arco

Crazy energy

Let me be,

When you show up in a rush

I feel to hit the floor

In such frenzy.

Loving energy

Hit me with all your might,

Dizzy frankly with you,

Never let me down

Embracing energy

Nurture me deeply

For this urging need

I have within my life,

From your best blanket ever

That warmth feeling desired.


All the best kinds,

You know me through my times,

You know when

And how to hit me

And comfort me as well.

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

Visit my publisher at: www.donnaink.org or www.donnaink.com for my new title release, "The Composer and The Flycatcher."

Visit my publisher at:http://www.donnaink.orgorhttp://www.donnaink.comfor my new title release, “The Composer and The Flycatcher.”  Fantasy poetry – prose and verse tale.  A Whimsical Ode To Love! USA & Mexico


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I Fall – Poem

I Fall
By Diana Arco

I fall nice, down, and deep
Into the waters
Of what it is
And what it is not.
Self discovery recognition
With love and light
Of what it’s been,
What it is,
And what it may become.

I had to fall,
There wasn’t any other way,
And I had to realize
In sunny days
And thunder storms,
Through the warm
And the cold,
My heart and soul
In life to enjoy,
embrace, love,
And in peace
Let go.

And the falling
Was spectacular
Between fear
And enlightenment,
Sparkles of courage
And tender acceptations
I smile victorious
Holding myself
To my blessings.

Falling 2

Life Has

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

Visit DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. today for your copy of, "The Composer and the Flycatcher."

Visit DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. today for your copy of, “The Composer and the Flycatcher.”

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7 Quotes From Mr. Deepak Chopra

Greetings, everyone!

I hope you had such an amazing week and I wish you all to enjoy your weekend.

I have selected for today’s post 7 quotes from Mr. Deepak Chopra. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/deepak-chopra/

Why Quotes? To me quotes are those guides that are reachable for us to stop, read, and meditate for a while in our lives. Those ray of lights in wisdom waiting to be discovered and share them if they are already written, or waiting for us in our land of infinite possibilities to catch them, and bring them into our awareness, to manifest them in our own writings, our own words, and sayings.

So, here it goes…

Our thinking and behaviour

For The Health


About Questions and Answers

The Same Old Way

To Get Rid Of Pain

The Right Choices In Life


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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Why are people so rude? A life experience and my way to get it through with love.

Stop Being Rude

Greetings, everyone.

One night, some years ago, I found a friend and I was so happy having talks with him. We were expressing ourselves one to another, developing an amazing connection, but then it all changed.
My friend became so rude. He used to complain about everything, to get angry every single day, and our amazing talks were gone.
I used to lay down in my bed at nights, asking to myself… Why my friend became so rude with me? Did I do something wrong? What’s wrong? I just couldn’t believe that someone so dear to me was behaving like this.
I had doubts, anguished and helpless moments within myself. He was there, being rude and harsh and I was listening, in my heart I felt that was the right thing to do. Life taught me through the years how important it is the communication; that it doesn’t matter the mood of the people you love, they have this need to express themselves and send you a message that in their ignorance they are delivering it in a way that “it hurts you.”

I had two options. ( yes, you can always choose.)
1 Walk away
2 Help him

I really care about him! – I used to say to myself.
So I made my choice, but how to help him?
The heart and soul always find the way. I’m a life’s observer and I’ve been witness people’s behaviors. Observer of the “school of life” throught myself, my family, friends, and people around.
I also must say that I used to exchange books with my friend Mayra when I was in high school about “self- help”, “life”, “Emotions”, and thanks to her I discovered the “Alchemist” written by Paulo Coelho. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Alchemist_(novel) and he became my favorite writer. I’ve got also his book “The Warrior Of The Light” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manual_of_the_Warrior_of_Light and I bought all his books after that. There are writers with this amazing “touch” that when you read their words they are like food to the heart and soul.

So I decided to experience once more “the warrior of the light in me” and that helped me to find that “key” question that I needed to help my dear friend.

“Why are people so rude?”

I found these first:

– They only care about what they think or need or they believe their feelings are more important than the feelings of others.
– They have little or no patience for other people.
– They do not appreciate the differences in others.
– They are trying to shock those around them with their behavior.

But I didn’t feel these were enough reasons… I put them all together in one single word: “Ignorance”. We are secret “vaults” where we storage our pains, past experiences, and we keep them “private”. I have experienced that we have to open ourselves and make accessible the information from the vault to find the problem and get rid of it cutting it from its root.
But what happens when this information is not available? What to do?

I have experienced in my life:
– You can’t force anyone to do something they don’t want to.
– You can’t change people. You just can’t…
A change, an “awaken” that’s how I call it, must come within each people.

So, what to do when you are experiencing the rudeness of someone you love?

1. Don’t take it personally.
Just like I said before: it doesn’t matter the mood of the people you love, they have this need to express themselves and send you a message that in their ignorance they are delivering it in a way that “it hurts you.” But you always have the “choice” to get hurt or not. You are in charge of your own emotions, the emotions are not in charge of you.

2. Respect privacy and wait.
Stay away! Your dereast one will arrive at their own time.
“When they feel ready to talk.”

3. Confront the person
I have experienced in life many kinds of “confrontations”, I had to experience them to be able to choose what’s right.
Confront with love, not with anger. Yep, it’s easier to say it than to do it, but when you really care about someone, starting with yourself, because confrontations makes no good to anyone, reacting with love and understanding it’s the best gift ever.
Please, listen first… any single word can hold “everything”.

4. Restraint Yourself.
It takes practice, I know… just don’t get youself carry away into the drama. Even when they are accusing you, they are unfair with you, they are saying “lies” about you. I have experienced to always keep calm, think, “the truth is within me and it will prevail, it will come out.”

5. Be Concrete when you talk.
Look right to the eyes, talk from your heart, from your experience, your own love towards yourself and others… Don’t let your “guts” talk for you.
Write a letter, a poem, an statement, make a drawing. Be polite… some people misunderstand being polite with being stupid, but don’t let them win.

6. Love them.
Soap them with your kidness, the truth in your heart and soul.
We are not perfect, but some of us have been able to experience what others haven’t, and you can show them the example, not telling them what to do, but telling them you’ve been there before and you was able to awake, to change, and now you’re able to handle life’s situations better than before.

Hmmm, what about my dear friend now? He is not rude with me anymore 🙂 and he is always surprising me.
I Love You So Much!

Note: Please, be aware when words become physical hurt. When a man slaps, hits, and hurts a woman with his own hands and / or any other object, please walk away and get help. Don’t stay with this person because they will beat you up again. There are people who really need professional evaluation and help. Please, never hesitate to contact an authority.

Please, have this in your life:

And some quotes from Paulo Coelho’s “The Warrior Of The Light”

“behind the mask of ice that people wear, there beats a heart of fire.”

“I’ve been through all this before,’ he says to his heart.
“ ‘Yes, you have been through all this before,’ replies his heart. ‘But you have never been beyond it.”

“Warriors of light are not perfect.Their beauty lies in accepting this fact and still desiring to grow and to learn.”

“From the moment we are born, people tell us that the world is like this and like that, this way, that way. It is natural that – for a certain period of time – we end up believing what we are told. But we must soon push these ideas aside and discover our own way of living reality.”

“However difficult it may be to accept what happens to us, one must understand that moments such as this give us the possibility for radical change in our behavior.”

“He who knows the treasure he has: his days and hours of life, which can change everything which goes on around him.”

“A warrior of light respects the main teaching of the I Ching: ‘To persevere is favourable.’
He knows that perseverance is not the same thing as insistence. There are
times when battles go on longer than necessary, draining him of strength and
At such moments, the warrior thinks: ‘A prolonged war finally destroys the
victors too.’
Then he withdraws his forces from the battlefield and allows himself a
respite. He perseveres in his desire, but knows he must wait for the best moment to attack.
A warrior always returns to the fray. He never does so out of stubbornness,
but because he has noticed a change in the weather.”

“A warrior of the light never picks fruit before it is ripe.”


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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Emotions = a very interesting fact.


Greetings, everyone!

I remember, when I was ignorant than before, in the past, when I used to react “Emotionally” and “without thinking about the consequences” before any situation that was present in my life. I mean, I used to blame everyone, everything, and every time to all around me.
Yep. I used to say:
– “Why you make me feel this way, so helpless?” when someone broke my heart.
– “You make me cry!”
– “You make me mad!”
– “You make me feel worthless!”
– Etc, etc, etc,…

I remember I even used to get “sick” when I let my anger, my anguish, my ignorance to win over me… oh, poor tummy of mine… Paying for my broken dishes. I used to had “gastritis” “colitis” and ‘panic attacks” … until one day I said to myself: Ok, I had enough! No more!
And this when I was able to change my life.
What did I do? – You might ask-
I didn’t take any medicine
I didn’t go to the psychologist
I didn’t take any seminar about life
I “just” decided not to let my emotions to “win” over my self-being.
It’s so easy to say it, but it’s also so easy to take it into practice.
It took me a while, but every time I used to remember about how I was “hurting” myself , to know how ignorant and wrong I was, it gave me “wisdowm” and “courage” to do what’s right inside of my heart and soul.
But, what’s the formula, the magic trick in here?
There is none, at least nothing outside this world since we are who we are from the inside.
I got to a point when I “gave myself the freedom” to “prioritize” what’s more important in my life and it’s “Me”, and this doesn’t mean I’ve been selfish or unkind, either egoistic… it’s a way to love myself and to love the ones that are really important in my life.
I found out that I’am able to “control” in such a loving and smart way my “bad” emotions, so my body will not fall again into pain… and my peace of mind and heart too.
I must say, that controlling my emotions I’m not under any circumstances “ignoring them”, of course that I’am so aware of them, but it’s my knowledge, it’s having the power over the situations, to think, feel, experience, to be “consciouly” awake that “I don’t win anything when I let my emotions to win over me” “Absolutely anything!”
I have experienced that answering with anger creates more anger, so I “talk” instead of yelling.
I have learning to let go what I thought it was important to me, but at the end it was getting dusty mentally, phsycally, in all the aspects of my life.
I had to really understand what’s the meaning of “freedom” and “free will” to let myself and all my people around me to let them be themselves.
I had to learn to make a question and wait to get answers at their right time. “Let me know when you are ready, please.” It’s what I say now.
I had teach myself to experience the emotions as the way they are “Emotions” to help me also to get rid of my ignorance and fears.
I had to teach myself to always remain calm, even if someone else was calling me all the “#$%z%” words you can imagine; and embrace these people, and make them see how wrong they were. This is not easy to do, really it’s not, but when you really care about yourself and the others, you listen very carefully first, and then you just don’t “explode” and you are even able to calm people down and respect you, or they will walk away from your since they were not able to create such “damage” in you. This is according to my own experience from the last 4 years, when I finally understood.
I had to learn to accept what I’am and to change “anything” I wish for my own good.
I know we are not perfect and we are going to fall over and over into ignorance.
I know some people are more ignorant and smarter than others, but in this life we are all students and teachers, and we are here together to experience life.
– You’re smart and beautiful
– You’re ignorant – not perfect, but you’re always learning.
– You’re here and now
– You can think and feel
– You are alive and breathing
– You always have the “choice”, not any choice, but the “consciouss” one.
– You can change the perspective – be optimistic, be energetic, be yourself.
– learn from the past and keep it there, the present it’s where you are.
– Love yourself, put yourself in the #1 of your list, embrace yourself, be there for you first, then for someone else.


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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Things that Writers Should Do And Never Do About Writing – Links

writing key words

Greetings, everyone!

I’am a new writer and I’am about to get published this year for first time with my poetry prose fantasy tale “The Composer and The Flycatcher” http://www.prlog.org/12144423-donnaink-publications-signs-author-diana-arco-and-her-title-the-composer-and-the-flycatcher.html http://www.donnaink.org/#!author-diana-arco/zoom/csi9/image197h
I have a long road to write… I mean to walk, but I woke up this morning with the need to talk to you about “Things that writers should do and should never do” About writing, in general. So, I went into my files and I’m taking the freedom to provide you with the links of the best web pages that I’ve been able to find and that I keep visiting.
My Note: This doesn’t mean you gotta follow all these as the way they are, since life taught me that experience, making mistakes, and have sucess are part of each one of us, but I also found out that it’s good to know things in advance that if you feel them right you could take them to consideration.

So, let’s start with:

“Things That A Writer Should Never Do”

From Writers Digest
Based on interviews with authors over the years, conferences, editing dozens of issues of Writer’s Digest, and my own occasional literary forays and flails, here are some points of consensus and observations: 15 of them, things anyone who lives by the pen (or seeks to) might consider. It is, like most things in the writing world, a list in progress—and if you’ve got your own Dos or Don’ts to add…

“Things That A Writer Should Do And / Or Needs to Know”

From WikiHow
The translation of human experience into an artful literary presentation is the art of writing. Writing is a careful craft that follows certain literary techniques and maintains field standards. Most fields in creative writing (from academia and publishing, to grant and technical writing), require a higher degree, including at least a Bachelor’s degree, and, often, an MFA in creative writing or an MA in literature, journalism, or a related field.
My Note: I enjoy reading articles from “WikiHow”… this is an amazing website to explore.

From the New York Times Blog
My Note: A very interesting article that to my consideration it’s worth reading.
Should we write what we know? this is a very interesting question… and tricky too.

From Firstwriter.com
My Comment: The article says “For the aspiring writer” but I find this article very usable for coming back and read it all the times you need, even when you’ve been published.
Firstwriter.com it’s one of my favorites web pages.

Happy Writing, Everyone!


“All the Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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A Nice Surprise Waiting For Us At The Pier


Greetings, everyone!

I went to California last week with my parents for a few work meetings, but we gave ourselves the freedom to escape -one day – to Imperial Beach http://www.sandiego.org/what-to-do/beaches/imperial-beach.aspx to enjoy the place, the sand, the water, the breeze, the people…all the nature around. It was so nice to take a deep breath, experience, and appreciate the gifts that we have in our planet, our home.
We decided to walk on the pier to get a better view of the ocean, and this is when we saw this little one right there at the middle. From all the times I’ve been visiting piers in USA this is the first one I see a Pelican this close… he even posed for my mom’s camera, lol.
I believe that when we bump ourselves with certain animal, this close, it’s because for something. I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe in messages, signs, that even when they look so simple, ordinary, we need to pay attention to what they are delivering.
What’s the pelican’s message then? There is an amazing web page that I like to visit from time to time when I experience something like this, so that’s what I did, and this is what I found about my new bird friend http://www.whats-your-sign.com/symbolic-pelican-meaning.html
It was amazing, because we walked at the very end of the pier and we just stayed there for a few minutes, and when we walked back the pelican was gone.

We really enjoyed this adventure and I thought to share it with you.

“All the light, life, love, and freedom from the heart and soul.”


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Figuring out the puzzle = You Are Not Alone.


Greetings, everyone!

I’ve been thinking a lot about these words:
“You Are Not Alone”
I know we are here doing always our best, even in our ignorance, to figure it out what is it that we really want to achieve in our existence. I bet sometimes you question yourself: What’s the purpose of my life? Why I’m here? I used to question these 2 big ones myself, for years. Then after lot of thinking and feeling, and experiencing, I know the answers are different and are the same ones, at the same time, for each one of us. Why it is different? You live your life in one country, one city, you speak a different language, you go out and search, discover. But, why it is the same? We all have the same goal: Live, Love, and Experience. But, what to live, to love, and to experience? oh yeah, another question… and there is only one word for an answer, and this one is “Choice”. That’s the beauty, the freedom… we always have a choice. But how to come up with this? Well, that’s something between you, your heart, your soul, your consciouness, because you can’t navigate the waves of the ocean without a map, well, even with a map you could get lost, lol, but it’s ok to get lost from time to time, you’ll get the chance to discover and experience more.
I’ve understood that once the choice is made it’s when you already have that beautiful picture in your mind, in your heart, but you gotta breake it all into pieces first, having them all together into a big puzzle, so you can be able to manifest it in your reality. Why to break your beautiful picture into pieces? Why to create a puzzle from an image already made it inside of yourself? Those pieces are all those necessary steps you need to make it come true.
So, there you are before your puzzle; holding those small and heavy pieces to deal with, but, oh no, surprise… you find out that you can’t do this by yourself. This is when you start to search people with knowledge, skills, experience that are going to aid you spiritually and physically to achieve your dream because they are going to feel connected with you and your dream will become theirs too. When you open yourself to life and love, without doubts and fears, when you are so sure about what’s that you really want, and you accept yourself for who you are, it’s when you transmit that energy into others.
You’ll see yourself, in a matter of time, working with your key people (I call them “Soul Connections”). Each one of them holding that piece of the puzzle to put it in its right place.

At the end: Each piece fits perfectly!
Here, I leave you with two examples:

In love:
“It takes two to dance the tango”

In work:
“It all started with a mouse” Walt Disney.


🙂 All the light, life, love, and freedom from the heart and soul. ❤

PS You Are Not Alone, My Friend! 🙂

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The journey of my first manuscript. Sharing the experience!


Greetings, everyone!

Well, like my father told me some time ago. If you are afraid, why don’t you stay under the bed and live your life from there? and I went…”Oh, oh, oh!” “That’s rude, dad!”
Then he said, firm and kind: “When you really wish something in your life, you just go for it.”

Dad came up with the following words that really made an impact in my life: If you want to be an astronaut, what are you going to do? Of course, send a letter to the NASA. And what the NASA is going to answer to you? – if you get an answer in first place. You have 3 options in here… you could receive a “No” or “Thank you for your interest, maybe we’ll get in contact with you later.” or “Welcome! Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to participate in our project” My Dad uses the astronaut’s example because they are the ones who, literary speaking and technologically achieved, have been able to travel beyond the earth.

So, I received and understood this knowledge, and I said… “My astronaut is to be a writer! and I’m going for it!”
It took me some weeks to make up my mind and choose “my tale” from all those ideas I’ve been writing for years in pieces of paper and in my journals. It’s my first shout, my introduction letter, my #1, my unborn baby inside my belly… the doubt got inside my head, the fear to be judged too… I really got confused. But I took a deep breath, and I said to myself “No worries, I free myself from them, and I’m going to enjoy this process… my own writing process.” I chose what my own inspiration, love, and feelings asked me to. So, it took me months to write my first draft, then it took me some other time to edit it. I spend days and nights in my room and in my favorite restaurants, writing, creating, describing, placing and deleting words. Enjoying, excited, the process of making my dream come true. Then finally I had my manuscript ready “The Composer and The Flycatcher” my fantasy tale written in poetry prose. “It’s time to find a home to my tale – my first manuscript.” I said with hope, knowing how competitive it’s the field of the writing world.
What came next? I’ve experienced “rejections” from publishers and agents… Oh My! Should I go under the bed now? -I asked to myself. Of course not! Don’t you dare to quit now, you’re just starting! And then, finally, I was able to find my other half, my publisher.
I thought to say to my father “Dad, The NASA has accepted me and I’m going to sign the contract.” “I’m going to the moon!” lol, but no… Me and my family celebrated at home that night with wine, cheese, and bread.

Miss Quesinberry, you’re such an amazing lady who gave me the welcome into your publishing house. I’m so grateful with you for believing in my talent, in what I wrote… my first manuscript, my poetry, my fantasy tale. http://www.prlog.org/12144423-donnaink-publications-signs-author-diana-arco-and-her-title-the-composer-and-the-flycatcher.html My home!

So, the journey continues… I’m coming back later as I continue living my writer’s experience.


🙂 All the light, life, love, and freedom from the heart and soul. ❤

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