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It’s Alive!!! Alive!!!!! Fiction Character Poem.

Greetings, Everyone! ūüôā

I woke up this morning with the feeling to talk to you about¬†how I¬†¬†created my characters for my upcoming book “The Composer And The Flycatcher”.¬†¬† I wrote a “draft” that I had to throw it away since, unfortunatelly for me¬†to say it, I found it¬†very and terrible ¬†boring.¬†¬† I sounded like a walking encyclopedia myself… I’am so guilty, You know. ¬†¬† Then I’ve got the inspiration and decided to talk to you about this in my own way…¬† “Poetry”…¬† so here it goes, in a poem, my perceptions, feelings, situations that I went myself through to achieve¬†my creations.

It’s Alive!¬† Alive!¬† My fiction Character – Poem.

By Diana Arco.

I wondered about you so many times,

I even had a journal and pen under my bed at nights.

I was waiting for you to show up with your light

To wake me up from my sleep to meet you at last.

I wondered about you with excitment and emotion.

Always ready to ask you… Who are you?

Where do you come from?

What’s your purpose?

I used to close my eyes and daydream about your possibility.

I always knew you was there waiting for me

to discover you hiding in plain sight

into those pages somewhere unwritten.

Making the invible ink visible to my heart first then to my eyes,

Not forcing you, of course, cause’ even fiction characters need their freedom

Not threatening you, of course, you need my respect and love.

Not even getting into despair, no,  I always knew you were there at home.

And then, it just happened..

I saw you just right there standing beside me

With all your colors and your splendor

With all your faces, pains, flaws, and frustrations.

You just arrived fine, and simple,

Making this writer of yours so happy.

I needed you so much in that moment

you was there introducing yourself to me openly.

And I wrote, and I described you.

We had this interview between us, so magical.

I heard your voice, clear and sound.

I felt your essence, alive, so free and with trust.

You made me smile when you  decided to stay,

For the amazing adventure that I just created for you to live in.

But you are waiting to be discovered,

You are there excited for them to meet you as well.

“Readers, readers. please, come here and meet me!”

I heard you say.

“I’am going to take you into this new adventure.

You’ll see…¬† Me –¬† your character – and my home – the book – are worthy of you.”

We are “one” now,

and we’ll always be together

inside those pages that were written with love,

into ‘The Composer and The Flycatcher” the heart and the soul.

Please, stay in touch, there is more to come.



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