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The Doors From The Past, Present, And Future – Poem/Tale

The Doors From
The Past, Present,
And Future.
By Diana Arco

I’am an investigator
Of my own life’s truths,
And it goes at it is
When a home called “Past”
Another called “Present”
And the “future”
Open their books.

So before the door of my past
I’am knocking many times,
Then in silence I stand
Waiting for a reply.
I’am greeted
By an ancient voice
“This is what it was”
And my heart and soul
Are in freedom
For there are only pictures
Of the old me.
And by my memories
I laugh, I cry, I dream,
But nothing more
For frozen they’ll always be.
The past cannot meet me
For a challenge to change.
So I accept with peace
All what’s been.

Now I’am knocking at the door
That leads to my future,
And that opens by itself
To find out its owner,
The fog, that hides what I cannot see
For there’s nothing in here.
Oh, I feel so cold at sudden.
Then it’s warming fast,
It’s raining,
It’s stormy… snowing…
And I realize
In freedom I stand
Watching my hands
I’am here to create,
To give shape,
To live, to share.
And I walk away from a place
That’s not ready for me yet.

Then I reach at my present’s door,
And I read a sign
Hanging from its knob:
“Today is yours”
I don’t have to knock
For it’s not locked from my presence.
And to my admiration
I find an empty room
And a large mirror
Where I see my own reflection.
“Today is myself”

3 Doors

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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