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Blessed Path – Poem

Blessed Path
By Diana Arco

In my life
There ins’t a greater commitment
Than the one I do
In total awareness
Regarding all matters
Of my love.

I love deeply,
And I’am in love
With all my light, life,
Love and freedom
From my heart and soul.

So when my blessed path
Found another one that day,
It was my prayer
Answered by God.
I’ve been smiling since then,
For the gift I’ve been trusted with.
The one I love, and inspire,
Nurture, and give the best of me.

Then there are not
Two paths anymore,
There is only one
For our love is a fusion
Of our greatness
In life and experience
Of the being.

So as we hold each other
Safe, and trust
Into our blessed beings,
Our love is invincible.
Evil ego if you dare,
We are ready for you
Any time, any place.
Our love is waiting
To defeat you over
And over again.

So as we hold each other
With faith, loyalty, and respect
Into our blessed lives.
We can conquer anything
For we have the truth
Breathing in and out from ourselves.

And if in ignorance we fall,
And the world seems
To be against us,
We can always remember,
As we search into our souls
For wisdom’s teachings,
That we can get up and
Follow the signs of our love.

We are alive,
We are not alone,
We are love.
We are blessed
In each others hearts
Beating strongly as one.

Blessed Path

Youre a blessing

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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