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Blessed Path – Poem

Blessed Path
By Diana Arco

In my life
There ins’t a greater commitment
Than the one I do
In total awareness
Regarding all matters
Of my love.

I love deeply,
And I’am in love
With all my light, life,
Love and freedom
From my heart and soul.

So when my blessed path
Found another one that day,
It was my prayer
Answered by God.
I’ve been smiling since then,
For the gift I’ve been trusted with.
The one I love, and inspire,
Nurture, and give the best of me.

Then there are not
Two paths anymore,
There is only one
For our love is a fusion
Of our greatness
In life and experience
Of the being.

So as we hold each other
Safe, and trust
Into our blessed beings,
Our love is invincible.
Evil ego if you dare,
We are ready for you
Any time, any place.
Our love is waiting
To defeat you over
And over again.

So as we hold each other
With faith, loyalty, and respect
Into our blessed lives.
We can conquer anything
For we have the truth
Breathing in and out from ourselves.

And if in ignorance we fall,
And the world seems
To be against us,
We can always remember,
As we search into our souls
For wisdom’s teachings,
That we can get up and
Follow the signs of our love.

We are alive,
We are not alone,
We are love.
We are blessed
In each others hearts
Beating strongly as one.

Blessed Path

Youre a blessing

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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I’ve never been alone – Poem

I’ve never been alone
By Diana Arco

When at the beginning
Of this amazing adventure,
I was so ignorant,
Because I, the explorer,
Took the freedom
To move forward.

I made the sky
To cry out loud.
But the sun,
With its blanket,
Dried me gentle
As cheering me up
For what’s beyond.

So as I was walking,
Knowledge visited me
in poetry of lover’s hug.
The kiss of words, feelings,
Thoughts, truths, sorrows, happiness,
Were available before my eyes.
And the heart knew
What the soul was embracing
Since day one.

Today, I’am where I belong.
This is the present
Where even in ignorance
Love is the wind and its clouds,
The soil where our feet
Stand along in harmony
Within our true selves.

Today, I’am breathing
The one I hold hands with,
And with belief
I won’t let go my fate.
Then, If I have a reason
There you have it,
Naked to our hearts
Involved in vows of love,
Our commitment unite us.

And the truth
Strong and alive is:
“I’ve never been alone.”
The soul of my beloved
Guides me,
Lost and found in long fields
Of sunflowers and roses.
Lost and found
At the milky way
Of our ignorance and knowledge.

True Love Starts Somewhere

Iam With You Always

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

Visit DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. today for your copy of, "The Composer and the Flycatcher."

Visit DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. today for your copy of, “The Composer and the Flycatcher.”

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The Protagonist – Poem

The Protagonist
By Diana Arco

In a place
Crowded with voices,
I become deaf
Eyes closed,
For they talk
At the same time.

It’s so easy
For them to say:
“I know him for years.”
“I know the truth about him.”
Many listen
And believe.

And I wonder:
“What they’re doing in here?
It’s attention what they seek?”
Whatever are the reasons
For these created confusions.
Inside I scream a despair
For all this absurd ignorance.

In my heart I ask:
“Who to believe?
Who to trust?”
And I know the answer:
“The firefly must shine.”

The protagonist
Of this life,
Would you please stand up?
For no one else
Will speak better than yourself,
For it’s your life
The one they’re talking about.

For the tired
Of injustice
The voice of the truth
Prevails always above others…
And yours,
To never leave it behind.

Man on Fire

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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Emotions = a very interesting fact.


Greetings, everyone!

I remember, when I was ignorant than before, in the past, when I used to react “Emotionally” and “without thinking about the consequences” before any situation that was present in my life. I mean, I used to blame everyone, everything, and every time to all around me.
Yep. I used to say:
– “Why you make me feel this way, so helpless?” when someone broke my heart.
– “You make me cry!”
– “You make me mad!”
– “You make me feel worthless!”
– Etc, etc, etc,…

I remember I even used to get “sick” when I let my anger, my anguish, my ignorance to win over me… oh, poor tummy of mine… Paying for my broken dishes. I used to had “gastritis” “colitis” and ‘panic attacks” … until one day I said to myself: Ok, I had enough! No more!
And this when I was able to change my life.
What did I do? – You might ask-
I didn’t take any medicine
I didn’t go to the psychologist
I didn’t take any seminar about life
I “just” decided not to let my emotions to “win” over my self-being.
It’s so easy to say it, but it’s also so easy to take it into practice.
It took me a while, but every time I used to remember about how I was “hurting” myself , to know how ignorant and wrong I was, it gave me “wisdowm” and “courage” to do what’s right inside of my heart and soul.
But, what’s the formula, the magic trick in here?
There is none, at least nothing outside this world since we are who we are from the inside.
I got to a point when I “gave myself the freedom” to “prioritize” what’s more important in my life and it’s “Me”, and this doesn’t mean I’ve been selfish or unkind, either egoistic… it’s a way to love myself and to love the ones that are really important in my life.
I found out that I’am able to “control” in such a loving and smart way my “bad” emotions, so my body will not fall again into pain… and my peace of mind and heart too.
I must say, that controlling my emotions I’m not under any circumstances “ignoring them”, of course that I’am so aware of them, but it’s my knowledge, it’s having the power over the situations, to think, feel, experience, to be “consciouly” awake that “I don’t win anything when I let my emotions to win over me” “Absolutely anything!”
I have experienced that answering with anger creates more anger, so I “talk” instead of yelling.
I have learning to let go what I thought it was important to me, but at the end it was getting dusty mentally, phsycally, in all the aspects of my life.
I had to really understand what’s the meaning of “freedom” and “free will” to let myself and all my people around me to let them be themselves.
I had to learn to make a question and wait to get answers at their right time. “Let me know when you are ready, please.” It’s what I say now.
I had teach myself to experience the emotions as the way they are “Emotions” to help me also to get rid of my ignorance and fears.
I had to teach myself to always remain calm, even if someone else was calling me all the “#$%z%” words you can imagine; and embrace these people, and make them see how wrong they were. This is not easy to do, really it’s not, but when you really care about yourself and the others, you listen very carefully first, and then you just don’t “explode” and you are even able to calm people down and respect you, or they will walk away from your since they were not able to create such “damage” in you. This is according to my own experience from the last 4 years, when I finally understood.
I had to learn to accept what I’am and to change “anything” I wish for my own good.
I know we are not perfect and we are going to fall over and over into ignorance.
I know some people are more ignorant and smarter than others, but in this life we are all students and teachers, and we are here together to experience life.
– You’re smart and beautiful
– You’re ignorant – not perfect, but you’re always learning.
– You’re here and now
– You can think and feel
– You are alive and breathing
– You always have the “choice”, not any choice, but the “consciouss” one.
– You can change the perspective – be optimistic, be energetic, be yourself.
– learn from the past and keep it there, the present it’s where you are.
– Love yourself, put yourself in the #1 of your list, embrace yourself, be there for you first, then for someone else.


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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