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I’ve Been Told – Poem

I’ve been told
By Diana Arco

I’ve been told
Only the strongest
Will survive all,
Will make it to the end
Of the yellow brick road.

I’ve been told
Only the smartest
Will think the unthinkable,
The brightest sharp
Of ideas will find their days.

I’ve been told
Only the brave
Will conquer themselves,
Banishing their fears away.
Victorious within they stay.

I’ve been told
About many other kind of people.
All my life I’ve been
Reading books and their history,
And doing other researches.

And then I stop.
What I’ve been told
It’s so wrong.
Cause’ in a crucial moment of fate
You’ll do what you must in this life
And for others involved.
Then you’ll get that ticket
With your name in gold
To the history books yourself.

The Power Of Listening

Are you listening


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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