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Synchronization Of Love – Poem

Synchronization Of Love
By Diana Arco

There is such a power
Running all over
And inside my body now.
I just let it be
Without any doubt.

I let my synchronization of love
To win out and loud
When no effort is needed
Since it is pure and simple
While freely flows down.

Then strong is my river
Towards your ocean
Wild and with joy.
So, it’s not a mistake at all
When the heart really knows.

There is this special moment
And I’am sharing it with you.
You’ve been chosen
To make a dream come true.
So open yourself and get in tune.

Dance this song with me,
I promise I wont disappoint.
Love is the master
The perfectionist
And our bond in this world.

Now we are together
Without fears whatsoever
In our own synchronization of love,
Where we are in this adventure
And both are winners in our souls.


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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