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Always Mine – Poem

Always Mine
By Diana Arco

I find myself today
Like in any other day,
But I find myself here
From where I belong
To where I stand.
And gratefully
I take myself
For the human being
That in my vast space lives.
I’am free
And I’am well.

I can be on any stage
Like others, performing such a piece,
But I’m not acting any part
For I’am my true self,
And I accept all that comes within.
Oh, believe me,
For what it comes
Like a mad waterfall
Right to me,
Cold, fast, and heavy,
I hold still,
Brave at heart,
And for a little while
I endure it with my true colors bright.
Then the calm,
Making me smile an awareness
For life is amazing,
Life is good,
Life is a gift
I adore deep inside.

Then out there
I see you all around.
Oh, my dear villains,
You Vultures should know
My ways by now,
For I travel beyond
With the power of true love.
I go back and forth
To the place
Where no violence is needed
For the truth is within me,
And my actions are in tune
With the wisdom I’ve recollected before,
So I don’t need to shout to others
For I’m not trapped in any cage.
So hear my song:
Your evil ways will never win,
No matter how many times
You try your lies on me.

So, I find myself today
Like in any other day
With my light, life, love, and freedom.
And I celebrate hugging myself first
Then the ones who are close to me
As a sign of my own victory.
For I’am the champion of my path,
I’am the one in charge,
I’am my own firefly,
I’am and I’ll be always mine.


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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