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Write with love… Even when you are not writing a romance novel.

Greetings, Everyone! ūüôā

I’m back to you with a new poem that I took the freedom to write about:

“Write with love… Even when you are not writing a romance novel.”
By Diana Arco.

I write every single day,
The joy that I can’t deny it,
My time and my space I embrace…
It’s me the one who is behind of my universe.
The creator, the villain, the healer, my own heroe…
I’am not asking for any permission,
I follow my insticts.

I’am the poetess of my own craft.
I don’t care in my present writings
About signs, exclamations, and stops.
I’ll do that later, when I have to,
For all my attention goes to my inspiration,
For my words to flow as free as the beating of my heart
Dancing to the rhythm of my own song.

When you write with love,
Even if you are fantasy or horror,
It is when you open the door
To what you are really looking for.
It’s that perception that you’re experiencing now,
The illusion that you make it come true.
You are forming moving pictures inside your mind.

You write what you write.
I don’t believe you have a hollow for a heart,
And I’m sorry if you choose to be one…when you have the choice.
So I’am telling you again,
By experience I say,
Write with all your love
Even when you are not writing a romance novel.

* Stay tuned for more to come *


‚̧ All the light, life, love, and freedom from the heart and soul ūüôā

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You’re more than welcome to follow me – Poem about “social media”

Hello, Everyone! ūüôā

I’m here with you -today- to talk to you about my experience with “social media”…

Note- The word “Today” is a very especial one for me. When I’am telling you “Today” it doesn’t matter when you are here reading my posts, it’s always “today” for you. It’s your own moment, your own time… The “Now”, which is one of the most powerful affirmations in life.

These are my own links… so far.
And You’re more than welcome to follow me because I also wish to know from you too.



https://authordianaarco.wordpress.com/ (Of course, you are here with me now! :-))


(I just opened my account few days ago)

And I’m going to open an account in http://www.linkedin.com/

I’m pretty new doing this (a month and two weeks) and I’ve been learning a lot. I must thank my publisher Ms. Quesinberry http://www.donnaink.org/ and all my new friends and followers for such amazing tips they’ve been sharing with me to make more enjoyable my “social media” adventure… because this is what it is, at least it is for me… an adventure. I’am having such a blast so far, and I’am looking forward for more surprises, and challenges, to come.

My debut title “The Composer and The Flycatcher” it’s scheduled to get published in September this year in ebook and print formats. I’am so happy and grateful for this opportunity. My dream is coming true.
You see lots of books around the world, and you – as a reader – I bet you struggle sometimes with yourself to choose the ones you are going to take home with you. This happens to me too.
Maybe some people is not aware about it, but there is a whole “history” behind each book, behind each writer, because not all what the writer writes finds a place in a shelf… that place it’s gold, it’s a medal itself for each one of us, writers, in all the world. So, I’m here in the internet while I’am waiting for my book to arrive…and yes, I’am going to be here “with you” as well after that. This is just the beginning of the road.

Now, my poem.

You’re more than welcome to follow me
By Diana Arco

I’am a writer
But I’am a reader first.
I wrote a fantasy tale
In my own beautiful poetic form,
The one I wished myself
To find in a shelf.
I had my manuscript ready
To send it where it belongs.
I experienced rejections,
But I believe we all been there before.
I found a publisher who believes in me,
In what I wrote.
We are together in this adventure
Working to achieve what we deserve.
I was told to make myself present
Right there in the internet world,
“You are a writer about to get published.
Now it’s time for you to make some noise.”
I’ve been here since that moment of awareness
Sharing, giving, doing all the best I can.
You’re more than welcome to follow me,
To pick me up when you find me out there.
We both have the light within us,
The writer and the reader experience
In our time of expression.
That need from the soul to deliver a joy,
The magic of this neverending way of communication,
The word.


Stay tuned for more updates, surprises, poems, and more to come.

‚̧ All the light, life, love, and freedom from the heart and soul. ūüôā

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Whatever you wish to write – Poem.


Hello, Everyone! ūüôā


I’am back to you today with another post.¬†¬† This one it’s about “Writing whatever you wish for” when you are in your manuscript process… and since my voice it’s “Poetry”, this is the way I’am taking the freedom to use to reach you.

So, here we go…



“Whatever you wish to write”

By Diana Arco.


There you are with the inspiration coming from your heart and soul,

Your will is guiding your hands.

Then you realize you’re one with all,

Walking yourself free, here and there,

Descovering and conquering your new world.

That land of  infinite possibilities

Where anything comes, stay, and goes.


You can be in an enchanted forest.

Or cast away in an island,

Maybe in a spaceship  far away in a galaxy,

And lose yourself in its splendor,

Beauty and expression of shapes, colors, smells, and textures.


But what a lonely place will be for you

Without  your characters and all their situations.

One by one they are starting to appear before your eyes,

You meet and greet everyone…

And take notes about them

like if you were interviewing a rock or a movie star.


There is always the hero, the good, the beautiful and handsome one.

There is always the ugly, the bad, the mean and ignorant

The ones to choose to go to the right or wrong path.

There is always love and hate

Happiness and sadness

Good vs evil

Anything, everything…

And at the end…

It’s your message the one that you deliver.


My dear writer and friend,

You will always have the  satisfaction,

That eternal smile in your face,

That time will never fade away,

Where you felt the freedom, the joy,

The ways of the creator in yourself,

To write whatever you wish

To give life to your tale.


Stay tune for more!






Yum Yum! Gummy yummy alphabet letters!  Would you like some?


‚̧ All the light, life, love, and freedom from the heart and soul. ūüôā








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Writer, who are you? – Poem –

Writer, who are you?

By Diana Arco

You are asking me who I’am.

And I’ve listened to your question carefully,

not echoing inside my head,

But into my heart and soul so tenderly.

Who I’am?¬† Who I’am?¬†

I’am¬†not a¬†writer,

I’am far away to be…

But I’am your writer,

Thank You for choosing me!

I’am the creator and explorer of such worlds;

The owner of my entire universe,

The fantasy and the reality that Iám  sharing with you.

I’am what you are looking for.

Your time, freedom, and space.

I’am even the reflection of your mirror,

Only when you  let me be.

I’am the¬†one who has¬†your attention,

the ups and downs of your actual experience, situation.

I’am what¬† you’ve been waiting for

For you, just, you… my dear reader.

I’am¬†your night and day

Your shine and  fog

Your rain with its storm,

Just the colors¬†or your true colors…. it’s your call…

I’am what it’s there and what it’s not

I’am everything you let me be¬†for you today and until your time goes by…

I’am myself today, always, forever, and beyond…

That’s something I’am happy with

and I won’t change at all.

As long as¬†you let me¬†make you happy…

I know…

You are here, visiting me now.



Please, stay tuned for more.

‚̧ All the light, life, love, and freedom from my heart and soul!¬† ‚̧

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What’s behind “The Composer and The Flycatcher” tale?

Greetings! ūüôā ‚̧

When I’ve got the inspiration to write “The Composer¬† and T’he Flycatcher”, yes it came from an early baroque song and from the singing of a bird who used to¬†visit me¬†outside my window some years ago-¬† I felt¬†inside of me¬†the wish to create an amazing world from it.¬† Yes, a fantasy tale, but “soaking” it with¬† feelings that we all experience in our lives..¬†¬† When I say “soaking”it, it’s¬†for example, when I write a letter or a poem to someone I love and to a friend, I’am not just writing it, I’am “soaking”¬†my words with my all my¬†heart and soul.¬† It’s like I’am “sending” myself within¬†every single word, stop, comma, exclamtion and space written in the page. ¬†If I don’t feel it, I’am not writing anything to anybody at all.¬† When I write something is like taking care of a garden.¬† You know your flowers and your plants will die if you don’t give them water, if you don’t give that especial attention that they need.¬†¬† You love your garden and you have this urge need to have it always beatiful, to nurture it,¬†so you can visit it¬†and enjoy it all the times you want to.

So, what’s behind “The Composer and The Flycatcher” tale?

I’ve been told and I’ve been searching about “what’s our purpose as human beings here in this world?”¬† I used to ask to myself the same question over and over again.¬†¬† “What I’am doing in here?”¬† I used to said to myself “I don’t want to waste my time in here”¬† “I wish to have knowledge!”¬† “I need to know If I¬†really have a purpose in here!”¬† I asked to myself over and over “Is it breathing and feeling only my purposes?”¬† “Is it just having a good job and earn money?”¬†¬† “Is it just born, get old, and die?”¬† I used to complain about the ignorance I was myself into.¬†¬†¬†But then,¬†it took me a while, but I came to a conclusion that we all are here to find and experiment unconditional love in every possible way of our existence.

But, what kind of love?

  • Love to God.
  • Love to yourself first.
  • Love to your especial people in your life – family, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, kids, friends.
  • Love to your world.¬† it’s our home, the only place we have.
  • Love to your commitments, your goals.¬† To all that you do in your every day life.

I’ve have experienced that when I do things with love, there are no doubts in myself and things go amazingly great!¬† When you don’t believe it, when you don’t feel it right, when you just do something just to do it… it’s when you experiece the “bumps” in the road.¬† Even “thinking”¬† Hey , I might like to¬†try this!¬† and there is no love, not excitment within, even if you have all the best intention in your mind, if you don’t put your heart, and your soul to what you do, you are going down.

Yes, it’s valid to feel ourselves¬†“lost”¬†sometimes, to feel “tired” and that we are not going to make it… but you gotta get up, trust in yourself, your love, because life it’s so exciting, so amazing, to be like this all the time.¬†¬† Embrace yourself, cheer up!

So, again, what’s behind “The Composer and The Flycatcher” tale?

√ćt’s love!

Please, stay in touch… there is more to come.



All the light, life, love and freedom from the heart and soul.

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Why I chose to write “The Composer and The Flycatcher” in poetry prose?

About my upcoming title “The Composer and The Flycatcher”…

God knows I tried to write¬†my fantasy tale¬†using¬†the “normal”, established, narration style according to¬†what I¬†learned at school and my experience as a reader.. I love to read, I read every single day and I have lots of books at home, in my room.¬† My favorite author is Paulo Coelho and my all time favorite book is “The Alchemist”…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Alchemist_(novel) (Please read the link)

So,¬†4 years ago, when I decided¬† my “This is it” time to write¬†“The Composer and The Flycatcher”… I was so excited with this new adventure.¬†¬†¬†There I was writing and deleting,¬†but feeling myself I¬†was going nowhere. ¬†“I have the idea, but the narration is not working for me!” – I used to say this to myself at nights before going to bed.

One day I woke up and I started to take notes in¬†my journal.¬†¬† “Why this is not working for me? Why I’m not happy with this? Is it¬†my idea so¬†bad that I cannot move forward?¬† Is this narration that¬†I’am using is it¬†really my own voice?¬† All writers have their own and unique voices.¬† The doubts were inside of me.¬† That’s when it came to me… “This not my voice!”

“What is it¬†that I like the most when I read?”¬†– I asked this to myself one day.¬† Of course I love fantasy fiction books. I also love ¬†poetry, and song lyrics.¬†¬†¬† I wondered if I was able to use a little bit of each and apply them¬†to the writing of my manuscript.¬†¬† “I’m going to have fun with this.” – I smiled to myself.¬†¬†“I have nothing to lose in here.”

I started writing, formating, giving structure to my manuscript.¬† My words were dancing and my characters coming alive!.¬†¬†I was unstoppable from first day until the end of the first draft.¬†¬† I was happy with my composition!¬† I’m so happy with my voice!

Please, stay in touch for more…


All the light, life, love, freedom from the heart and soul!

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