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You Embrace It – Poem

You Embrace It

By Diana Arco

It’s amazing

How the perception changes

When once

You looked at something

With angry eyes

Thinking you knew

About it enough,

And today

You’re strong,

Overcoming your anger,

And studying again

That matter,

You realize

It’s not bad after all.

And gratefully

You embrace it

With welcoming eyes,

And you have

This interest,

This curiosity alive

While you’re not

Regretting your past,

When you know

For sure in your heart

You wasn’t ready

To receive the wisdom

You’re receiving now.

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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Visit my publisher at http://www.donnaink.com for deep pocket discounts. Take advantage of it.

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She Disguised As A Bird – Poem

She Disguised As A Bird
By Diana Arco

It’s in this time
Where the wonder,
She disguised as a bird
Flies through the
Gentle and rapid waves
At the ocean of the sky.
Oh sun,
And dear moon
With their beautifying arrival
And their awaited meeting.
Look at them now,
So alive and humbled.

And the word
Becomes a feeling,
And a feeling becomes a truth,
And the truth it’s a love
Like no other,
The one that sings
Inside a beating heart
Holding tight not a name
But a soul aware
Of the tender touch
Both awakes.

Then the freedom
From those heavy chains,
A past that only comes
Within a strictly invitation
Only to let us know
Who we were back then
And appreciate who we are today.
Value me now,
You, and both of us.
And love,
Responsible of such miracle,
It’s delivering
What love embraces and preaches.
Love is the fantasy thought of the mind
But the reality statement of the heart,
Awareness of the soul.

Yellow Bird

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul”


Visit DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. today for your copy of, "The Composer and the Flycatcher."

Visit DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. today for your copy of, “The Composer and the Flycatcher.”

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Cascade – Poem

By Diana Arco

Welcoming the morning sun,
A thought came down
And with freedom
My heart gave it attention.
To one word said it all:

And the experiences came
Like water right to my senses,
The memories from my past
And the situations from the present.
Cascades into my existence,
Fresh and clean participant and observer.

And I was cold sometimes
For some memories
From my water
They made my cry,
But I fully enjoy
The present gifts,
They make me smile
A gratitude coming from my heart and soul,
From my love in its truth
For I recognize the blessings I receive.

Thank you cascade
For my past memories rushed away.
But Under your bathing care
My present is greeting me
With a loving embrace,
And a message of hope
Delivers the song
Of a beating heart
Truly in love with life.
So I live love in my life.


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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Oh, Realize – Poem

Oh, Realize
By Diana Arco

And, oh, realize.
What’s here?
What’s beyond?
What stays?
What’s left behind?

And, hear me today,
Oh, realize.
Just the chance
The change
The new
Beating up the old
That’s already gone,
And you still embrace
As the present.
Oh! No!

But, pay attention,
Oh, realize,
What I’am telling you
It’s absolutely the true.
I’m not here to convince you,
I have the invitation
And I’am handing it over to you.

Just, take note,
And decide,
Give a good use
Of your heart and soul
Screaming inside.
Oh, please realize,
It’s your own life.

Life live love

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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The Doors From The Past, Present, And Future – Poem/Tale

The Doors From
The Past, Present,
And Future.
By Diana Arco

I’am an investigator
Of my own life’s truths,
And it goes at it is
When a home called “Past”
Another called “Present”
And the “future”
Open their books.

So before the door of my past
I’am knocking many times,
Then in silence I stand
Waiting for a reply.
I’am greeted
By an ancient voice
“This is what it was”
And my heart and soul
Are in freedom
For there are only pictures
Of the old me.
And by my memories
I laugh, I cry, I dream,
But nothing more
For frozen they’ll always be.
The past cannot meet me
For a challenge to change.
So I accept with peace
All what’s been.

Now I’am knocking at the door
That leads to my future,
And that opens by itself
To find out its owner,
The fog, that hides what I cannot see
For there’s nothing in here.
Oh, I feel so cold at sudden.
Then it’s warming fast,
It’s raining,
It’s stormy… snowing…
And I realize
In freedom I stand
Watching my hands
I’am here to create,
To give shape,
To live, to share.
And I walk away from a place
That’s not ready for me yet.

Then I reach at my present’s door,
And I read a sign
Hanging from its knob:
“Today is yours”
I don’t have to knock
For it’s not locked from my presence.
And to my admiration
I find an empty room
And a large mirror
Where I see my own reflection.
“Today is myself”

3 Doors

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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The tale of the two old ladies, the door, and the eggs.

Greetings Everyone!

Today I feel the need to share with you one of my Diana Arco’s short tales having fun style, lol.

Oh well, Enjoy!

The Tale Of The Two Old Ladies, The Door, And The Eggs.

This is the present and I’am aware of these words of mine
Where the tale I’am about to tell you
Came out from my deepest place from all.
The land of dreams that I visit at nights
It’s also a source for inspiration for me to write
When I remember what I found out, of course,
Rich in symbology, sounds, and colors,
Just a world within another for me to explore.

So let’s start this adventure
With these following words…

Once upon a time,
In the land of my dreams,
I was in a candlelight living room
Surrounded by old paints on the walls,
And red old dust furniture…so antique,
Old fashioned the time to be,
‘Cause I was wearing blue jeans,
White tshirt, and my favorite sneakers.

I was there, alone,
Staring at the blazing logs in the fireplace,
When I heard someone calling out my name.
She was such an old lady,
Wearing a long brownish dress,
Like coming out from another time,
Victorian era?…I guess.

I knew I’ve never seen her before in my life
But in my dream she was a dear relative of mine.
She invited me to visit her neighbour,
For a small and privileged gathering,
So I agreed polite.

I opened the door and we both left the room.
I was holding a burning candle,
It was dark to my eyes,
But we managed to walk a few steps
Until we’ve reached the door.
The old lady showed me a pair of small keys.
And that took my attention…
“That lady had the door keys of her neighbour.”

But my eyes noticed a pair of bigger keys
Hanging by the door with a golden string.
I suggested the old lady to use those instead,
But she was insisting to open the door with her smaller old keys.
What a waste… the keys didn’t fit in.
“Step aside, stubborn old woman.
You’re doing it wrong.” I said in my despair.

I took the bigger keys and I opened the door,
To find myself in the same living room
Surrounded by old paints on the walls and red old dust furniture.
I asked to myself “What’s going on in here?”
But that question went away when I saw another old lady
Wearing the same brownish dress.
She was standing beside a round wooden table
Without expression in her face.

The atmosphere was ready for us,
With plates, napkins, silverware, and cups.
The coffee was smelling so good,
There were lots of cakes to choose from,
And a simple orange bowl with hard boiled eggs.
The old lady invited us to join her
Under the lights of candle burning sticks.

We took our seats,
I was between the two old ladies twins.
And we were in silence
Deciding what to eat.
Then, more comfortable… I saw them drinking coffee
With elegant manners.
I saw them eating cake,
Small bites at the time, enjoying its flavour.

And I just couldn’t help it,
My mouth was melting,
I took the orange bowl before my eyes
Without even thinking.
The eggs where the best ever
And I felt so satisfied.
The two ladies took their napkins to their lips,
Offended towards me.
“Child, what have you done?”
Both asked at the same time.

I didn’t understand their dramatic behavior
“You ate the eggs!” both of them complained.
“Of course I did, those were there on the table.”
I replied with surprise in my eyebrows and my voice.
“Those cakes and coffee were not my temptation.”
I said in my defence.
“I ate what I needed and there isn’t regret in me.”

Then there was such an uncomfortable silence…
And I understood many things.
The main one:
“I have no need to be here.”
I decided to stand up and leave.

I said “good bye, my old ladies twins”
“It was a pleasure to meet you,
But I must get going now.”
“You ate the eggs!” they yelled at me again.
“Of course, that’s why I need to go away,
There is no place for me in here anymore.”

So I kissed their foreheads,
I smiled at them,
And I walked away
Out that door,
Feeling so ready for my next adventure.
“Oh, my…I really ate those hard boiled eggs on the table!”



And to close…
Here find a few quotes that I chose about my tale that you just read.

“There are as many worlds as there are kinds of days, and as an opal changes its colors and its fire to match the nature of a day, so do I.”
John Steinbeck

“I often sit and watch the leaves change colour and fall from the tree. To me, those leaves signify the constant change in our own lives and all the beautiful colours signify our own emotions. As the leaves, change and fall from the tree’s with such grace and gentleness, they’re reminding us to be gentle with ourselves as this chapter ends and the next journey begins in our lives.”
― Annalee Hopkins

“In literature and in life we ultimately pursue, not conclusions, but beginnings.”
― Sam Tanenhaus, Literature Unbound

“The ending is nearer than you think, and it is already written. All that we have left to choose is the correct moment to begin.”
― Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

“Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Make your peace with that and all will be well.”
― Jack Kornfield, Buddha’s Little Instruction Book

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Emotions = a very interesting fact.


Greetings, everyone!

I remember, when I was ignorant than before, in the past, when I used to react “Emotionally” and “without thinking about the consequences” before any situation that was present in my life. I mean, I used to blame everyone, everything, and every time to all around me.
Yep. I used to say:
– “Why you make me feel this way, so helpless?” when someone broke my heart.
– “You make me cry!”
– “You make me mad!”
– “You make me feel worthless!”
– Etc, etc, etc,…

I remember I even used to get “sick” when I let my anger, my anguish, my ignorance to win over me… oh, poor tummy of mine… Paying for my broken dishes. I used to had “gastritis” “colitis” and ‘panic attacks” … until one day I said to myself: Ok, I had enough! No more!
And this when I was able to change my life.
What did I do? – You might ask-
I didn’t take any medicine
I didn’t go to the psychologist
I didn’t take any seminar about life
I “just” decided not to let my emotions to “win” over my self-being.
It’s so easy to say it, but it’s also so easy to take it into practice.
It took me a while, but every time I used to remember about how I was “hurting” myself , to know how ignorant and wrong I was, it gave me “wisdowm” and “courage” to do what’s right inside of my heart and soul.
But, what’s the formula, the magic trick in here?
There is none, at least nothing outside this world since we are who we are from the inside.
I got to a point when I “gave myself the freedom” to “prioritize” what’s more important in my life and it’s “Me”, and this doesn’t mean I’ve been selfish or unkind, either egoistic… it’s a way to love myself and to love the ones that are really important in my life.
I found out that I’am able to “control” in such a loving and smart way my “bad” emotions, so my body will not fall again into pain… and my peace of mind and heart too.
I must say, that controlling my emotions I’m not under any circumstances “ignoring them”, of course that I’am so aware of them, but it’s my knowledge, it’s having the power over the situations, to think, feel, experience, to be “consciouly” awake that “I don’t win anything when I let my emotions to win over me” “Absolutely anything!”
I have experienced that answering with anger creates more anger, so I “talk” instead of yelling.
I have learning to let go what I thought it was important to me, but at the end it was getting dusty mentally, phsycally, in all the aspects of my life.
I had to really understand what’s the meaning of “freedom” and “free will” to let myself and all my people around me to let them be themselves.
I had to learn to make a question and wait to get answers at their right time. “Let me know when you are ready, please.” It’s what I say now.
I had teach myself to experience the emotions as the way they are “Emotions” to help me also to get rid of my ignorance and fears.
I had to teach myself to always remain calm, even if someone else was calling me all the “#$%z%” words you can imagine; and embrace these people, and make them see how wrong they were. This is not easy to do, really it’s not, but when you really care about yourself and the others, you listen very carefully first, and then you just don’t “explode” and you are even able to calm people down and respect you, or they will walk away from your since they were not able to create such “damage” in you. This is according to my own experience from the last 4 years, when I finally understood.
I had to learn to accept what I’am and to change “anything” I wish for my own good.
I know we are not perfect and we are going to fall over and over into ignorance.
I know some people are more ignorant and smarter than others, but in this life we are all students and teachers, and we are here together to experience life.
– You’re smart and beautiful
– You’re ignorant – not perfect, but you’re always learning.
– You’re here and now
– You can think and feel
– You are alive and breathing
– You always have the “choice”, not any choice, but the “consciouss” one.
– You can change the perspective – be optimistic, be energetic, be yourself.
– learn from the past and keep it there, the present it’s where you are.
– Love yourself, put yourself in the #1 of your list, embrace yourself, be there for you first, then for someone else.


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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