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Those Voices – Poem

Those Voices

By Diana Arco

I’ve shared farewell tears

For those amazing voices

No longer alive.

But I listen to their music,

I read their poetry,

I read their fantasy books,

Their classic horror novels,

And among other adventures.

So it’s their legacy

Always present

The one I enjoy,

And others,

Who are younger,

Take the chance

To discover

And learn from.

So within my own world,

I take the freedom to wish

For one day to arrive

When I’ll join

Those voices myself.

Me, another poet

From a long list of authors,

With humble knowledge

Of love

It’s waiting in line

For her turn.

But this is just a wish,

For my voice is strong today

And enjoying the list

Of authors

Working their way through

This vast literary land.

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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